7 comments on “Moslems Unleash Unholy Terror on Buddhists in Bangladesh, Burning Homes, Temples and Shops to the Ground

  1. No country is safe from Muslim attacks, they are at war with any people disagreeing with them. It is well past time to stamp out the desire to make these attacks. Muslims must be made to realize that these attacks will not be tolerated.


  2. The Muslim world is such a fucked up place. Muslim countries are constantly going through episodes of political violence resembling small civil wars or riots that tear the place up. I was reading lately that a politician in Bangladesh was sued for burning 130 people alive (as well as using the police to shoot 50 more people extra-judicially) at blockades set up around the capitol city for opposing her party’s attempts to get into office. And yes, you read that right, she was sued, she was not jailed for this. The criticism of her actions was light, sort of like the criticism a politician in America might get for accepting bribes or stealing money. If a politician in America had hired a private army to burn dozens of people alive, the American people would consider that politician to be the face of evil and that politician would immediately be thrown in jail for the rest of his or her life.

    It was just so shocking, these actions should have been seen as completely criminal and deserving of severe punishment but because she was a politician she only got sued. Bangladesh isn’t even the most fucked up country in the Muslim world and this kind of shit happens. Evidence like this just proves that the Muslim world lives in Medieval Times and allowing immigration would be like opening up a portal to the past and letting people from the past enter the modern world. They won’t have the values that we do and could potentially wreck havoc in our modern world, the same goes for Muslims.


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