12 comments on “Three Mosques Burnt This Week in Sweden

  1. There was a comment that said, something, along the line of, “families are afraid for their safety”! All families, except Muslim families, have a reason to feel afraid, because of the “militant Muslims”; how can you tell which are militant, and which are not? They all follow a pedophile, and, apparently believe in Sharia law!
    It would be best if they stay in the countries that “support” their “religious” ideaology, or whatever! If they want to believe, and practice the Muslim way of life; stay in the countries that support that; but, they don’t want to do so; they want the entire World to be Muslim! Bull crap! Won’t happen!
    Yes, burning places of Worship is wrong, but what did they expect? Especially with their way of thinking, and ISIL?

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  2. Well, there IS a possibility for #2 being the answer, or even #3 if we want attribution to go to God or Christ being fed up with 1,400 years of pedophilia,,rape, murder, violence against women and, as Their instrument, sending Archangel Michael to avenge those wrongs. But, in my own disgust and rejection of Islam, what it stands for, the cultures that reflect Islam’s perverse, vicious, violent behaviors, I think I could whole heartedly scup port #4, as well… Sure would like to see a new movement that rejects Islam, refuses them subsidy payments and persuades their governments to expel and deport Muslims back to their countries of origin…


  3. “People are afraid” well yea but maybe mr Prime Minister Stefan Loefven should think about how many women are afraid of those muslims rapers running all over Sweden :/

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    • I sure do hope there was a pig roast at two out of three of those sites, allowing for one kosher site, that were desecrated by the presence of mosques… Perhaps after a good dinner of pork roasts and ribs, beef or chicken (just one ham sandwich?) a friendly Priest and a friendly Rabbi will together re-consecrate each of those sites!


  4. This is very obviously one of the by-products of Global Warming – as is expanding icepack area at the North Pole. As we are assured, everything is because of Global Warming.


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