6 comments on “Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists Murder 2,000 Children, Women and Elderly in Latest Islamic Slaughter in Nigeria

  1. But this is the ‘Religion of Peace’ or should it be the ‘Religion of Death and Destruction’? Didn’t we (the Allies) fight the Nazis to quell such things? These animals MUST be stopped by any means possible, we are facing a WWIII here and no one other than muslims can see it!

    Wake up West before it’s really too late.


  2. When the most powerful nation in the world has such a feckless “leader” from behind, the world’s evil rises like a rejuvenated phoenix, bold, reckless, and emboldened by its ignored, unchecked maliciousness, it has no real foes to slow it’s rapid crawl across the lands. Give yourself a hand liberal idiots, you have blood not only on your hands, but your entire worthless, spineless, forms. Enough blood in fact, for generations of your spawn to wear the blood as well.


  3. Once upon a time, the biggest threat to America was posed by Communism. Now the threat comes from Islamic Literalists – not extremists – just those who take Islam’s central message about jihad against non-believers seriously. Unlike Communism, which was fought against to an extreme and was viewed as the red menace by crusaders like Joe McCarthy – there is no fight against the Islamic threat in modern, liberal, multicultural, everything-is-equally-valid-so-there-are-no-values-of-our-own-to-defend America. If you take Bible prophecy seriously, consider this – The Islamic Caliphate is Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom – http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/07/the-islamic-caliphate-is-daniels-fourth-kingdom-2462526.html – and the Antichrist may soon prove to be Islamic. Read – Antichrist 2016-2019 – http://www.amazon.com/Antichrist-2016-2019-Mystery-Babylon-Caliphate/dp/1501025392


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