13 comments on “Muslim Terrorist to Attend ‘Stand With the Prophet Muhammad’ Peace Conference in Texas,US

    • re: Nuala Wainwright;

      I agree. Muslims do not accept responsibility for anything. To hear them tell it.. ‘..they are perfect in all ways..’

      But then again, they are all liars that practice ‘..taqiyya..’

      In reality, more than 90% of murders on the planet are a direct result of Islam and are committed by devout Muslims.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  1. that is why terrorism, muslim terrorism, is so strong today. The western world ia very complaisant with those people and our world will continue sliding down until there is no place to slide down to. The man who was put in jail for killing more than 100 in Scotland a few years ago was realeased in no time. We are aiding those killers, they take advantage and we continue our slide down hill. Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 21:51:03 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com

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    The Muslims that run their Religion are, in fact, the most radical of the bunch; and comprise those that practice the confrontational form of Jihad. Whether all Muslims proscribe to that hard core view or not is not relevant. Just like in Germany under Hitler all Germans were not Nazis but the Nazis controlled the country. In Islam today the confrontation Jihadists control Islam and they have the backing of their Qur’an and their Sharia Law to do what they do! Anyone that claims that ISIS or any other group that uses war on unarmed civilians to promote their beliefs is not a Muslim or that it is not Islam is either a Fool or very ignorant and I’m not sure the difference in meaningful.

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  3. I live near San Antonio, Tx.,and not far from Garland. I wouldn’t want to be any where near to this “Peaceful ” rally, and am shocked that it is in Texas! I hope there might be an anti-islam rally,by the citizens of Garland. I’m sick of Muslims saying the violent acts happening all over the world,isn’t really Islam! Where are the “peace loving’muslims crying out in anger,and frustration, over the horrific acts,done in their name? Oh yeah,they don’t exist,because islamists remain silent,about the violence. Why?? Because they agree with every bit of the insanity!

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    • re: denise dudley;

      Hi Denise. Actually, there was a very large rally in Garland tonight at this event. I would have published an article on this event earlier, had I known about it. Furthermore, I would have promoted the protest event for the organizers, as well.

      More than 1,000 Patriotic American Infidels came out in Garland, Texas this evening and surrounded the location of this event. I have already seen videos, photos and read reports from a few people that attended.

      I wish I would have been there..but, it may be best for the Muslims (and me) that I wasn’t. 😉

      More than likely, I will be publishing a story on the ‘Infidel Turnout’ in the near future..

      And I agree with you completely about the ‘..boo hooing muslims..’

      They are a bunch of little babies. But they are not stupid.

      They are following a protocol.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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