13 comments on “Woman From Burma (Myanmar) Beheaded in the Streets of Saudi Arabia (Video)

  1. The first thing need to notice in the picture is the group of Saudi military officials standing
    guard while the scumbag with the knife beheads the lady. These are representatives of
    our ally Saudi Arabia. In other words the Obama Administration supports the beheading !!

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  3. This is totally sick, and i can’t believe that they are one of our allies! I say, send obummer and his crew their, and cut our ties with them; totally and completely and they should be brought up on charges, but, don’t hold your breath waiting for the UN to do it! May GOD have mercy on their sorry asses, and may HE forgive me for not doing so! Islam needs to be wiped out; totally completely!


  4. I wonder whether a Burmese relative of the murdered lady could move a court in Burma and have the Saudi government convicted. Once that’s done, an international warrant could be taken out in the name of the jallad (the executioner) which the Saudis would be obliged to honor.
    I say it’s worth a try.


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