9 comments on “Focus on Nigeria: The Baga Massacre – Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists Control 6 Times More Territory Than ISIS

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    Why isn’t Obama doing anything about this evil? They are of his race and being slaughtered in mass? could it be that since he is a Muslim and those being slaughtered are Christians he doesn’t care? I would say that is the only possible reason!


  2. This is a case of “Not in my backyard”. Many people that I have spoken to simply do not believe that this happens. ” It cannot be!” they say. It is not until it happens in their backyard that they are going to wake up. Turning a blind eye is only half of it, they simply will not comprehend the problem. I say kill these rebels before it is too late, they must not be seen to succeed in any way.


    • re: Knight;

      Those ‘people’ you are referring to are ignorant.

      And to ‘..wait until something is in one’s own backyard..’ transcends ignorance.

      That’s pure stupidity and selfishness.

      I know that you and I know better.. but those ‘people’ need to WTFU !!

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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