18 comments on “Afghan Muslim Immigrant Rapes 13-Year-old English Girl: Claims He ‘..Thought it Was the Cultural Norm..’

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  2. He should just be deported!!!!!!!!!! Why use British money to feed him? He might get out early. He will do it again. He needs to get deported back to the Hellish place he came from. If they knew that they would get deported immediately, they would not be so brazen. They should not be allowed into Christian countries in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Here is where I get confused, a Muslim? Under Sharia law, that they want world wide, should not HE be stoned to death? CLEARLY he committed adultery, or is that only for women? I am not be smart or mocking, I really want to understand these people as we are having to deal with them more and more. I am seeing injustice daily and that bothers me, there should be one set of rules for everyone, the entire world should not have to change to suit them! In our schools, if Bible, Prayer, Discussions of a Christian nature are forbidden–illegal, then THEIR habits, clothing, prayer, should also be illegal! Wear their special clothes to school, but upon entering school it should be removed and they must follow the school’s dress code, just like every other student. If a business has a sign asking everyone who enters to remove hats, caps, sunglasses, and scarfs–for security reasons–that also applies to them! If they don’t do it, how in the world can you ask everyone else to do it? Double standard!


    • re: stevedaugherty2014;

      Islam is NOT a ‘..religion of equality..’ but rather a ‘..cult of inequality..’

      To answer your first question, according to al-Qur’an ONLY the woman can be guilty of adultery.

      Oh, but wait.. it gets better…

      A Muslim man is allowed to have 4 wives but a Muslim woman is only allowed to have one husband.

      A Muslim man is also allowed to ‘..take that which his right hand possesses..’ (This is the verse Muslim men site allows them to kidnap little girls, rape children, enslave them as ‘sex slaves,’ etc.) and this is ‘in addition to’ their 4 wives. This verse is also used to justify ‘..stealing land and possessions of ‘non-Muslims’ and claiming it for themselves as ‘War booty.’

      A Muslim woman’s word and testimony is valued at 1/2 that of the Muslim man

      If a Muslim woman is raped, she must present 4 male witnesses in court to testify on her behalf that ‘she’ did not consent to the rape. These 4 male witnesses are required to have been present to witness the rape.

      If she does not present these 4 male witnesses, she is AUTOMATICALLY charged with adultery.

      The punishment for adultery is:

      The Muslim woman is buried in the ground, up to her chest..and stoned to death.

      And there is MUCH, MUCH MORE…

      – – –

      Everything I have told you above is directly from: al’Qur’an and Sunnah al-Hadith.

      The truest, most devout Muslims on the earth today are ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc.

      They are living Islam..just as it was prescribed for them, by allah.. through the revelation of Muhammad.

      – – –

      If I can ever assist you further..please do ask.

      I love when people desire to learn..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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