29 comments on “Berlin,Deutschland: Two Turkish Muslim Men Stab a Pregnant German Girl, Pour Petrol on Her, Then Set Her on Fire

  1. Yes, I can see how that crime would warrant an ‘honour discount’ taking into account the cultural sensitivities of the father of the unborn foetus.


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  4. According to the lame stream media, the murderous Muslims are considered the innocent victims, while the murdered and mutilated victims are considered perpetrators of evil deeds.
    As the old saying goes, vile fiends only respect brute force and death. I was reading the art of war by Sun Tzu, when dealing with a homicidal groups of people.
    In times of violence, decent folks are always the first ones to get killed or mutilated by vile hooligans.
    Here’s what Germany should have done, start rounding up terroristic and pseudo-moderate Muslims alike expel them and give the country of their origins each a receipt, stating to pay up, back it up with an actual threat of deadly force.


    • re: mrbkoostachin;

      Thank you for your poignant comment.

      I believe the “ONLY” answer is; 100% COMPLETE REPATRIATION of ALL MUSLIMS!

      With ‘not one’ left behind..


      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. When are we going to treat these criminals as such. Offend the sharia law in Saudi Arabia and you are brought to their form of Justis., There is no consent for non.muslim personal, you conform or else. Why should it be any different in the West? Conform to our laws or take the punishment, if you don’t like it then go to a sharia country and stay there.


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    Deport all muslims back to the middle east where they Belong NOW!! muslims are NAZIS / COMMUNISTS / FASCISTS and anti-Christian / anti-Israel-Yisrael / anti-Zionism / Very Antiseitism / anti-United States of America Everything!!

    muslims are evil / satanic / demonic PERIOD!!


    • We need equal rights to exterminate these Fucktard ROCKAPES as they will never ever ASSIMULATE into western modern life as they live a life of pure hate ! And that’s the only way to fix them all…


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  10. I’m going to speak very slowly, so you all have a chance to understand. Look at who is leading your country, they are the problem, not the Muslims! The Liberal and Conservative branches of your governments could stop this, why aren’t they? They are doing this on purpose! This is by design! Politicians are not beholden to you, somebody else is pulling their strings. Who, what is their goal, why are they doing this? You better figure this out, and quickly! They own the media, they own the politicians, they own pretty much everything. So what is their goal, and can you survive their plans for you? If you come to the conclusion that this will not end very well for you, you better be prepared to organize, and overthrow your government, and the monetary system that has done this to you. It is the Federal Reserve who are owned by THEM who are doing this. Each country has THEM, and they own all of us. We’d better figure out who THEY are, and as a world, reject them, because they don’t give a damn about us. THEY are pitting us against each other, there is no reason why Muslims should be immigrating to our countries in these numbers, while they are behaving this way, unless there is a nefarious motive of our governments.


    • re: Jim;

      Hi Jim.

      First, I agree with ‘almost’ everything you said. When you stated; ‘..the Muslims are NOT the problem..’ I would disagree. Although, I get your point. And I do agree with you 100% that the ‘leaders’ that are allowing, facilitating, endorsing, encouraging and enabling Islamic infiltration are just as much, if not more of the problem. They are GUILTY of TREASON and MUST get the death penalty.

      You are speaking on a specific subject now that “I” often contemplate. That being, ‘..why are ‘almost’ all of the world leaders allowing Islam to infiltrate our nations, simultaneously? They ‘all’ use the same empty rhetoric. That being, ‘..Islam is a religion of peace..’ and ‘..the problem is the few ‘extremists,’ not Islam (or) Muslims, themselves. The nation leaders are all using the same ‘playbook.’ I have often wondered, are ‘they’ (the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, etc.) being fooled by their own ignorance? (or) Do ‘they’ know the truth? and they are just trying to fool ‘us?’

      Your comment clearly seems to point to the implication of the latter. They know, but are just trying to fool us. I believe the same way to. But, there are still unanswered questions. Such as; ‘WHY?’ Why would ‘they’ desire to turn our nations over to Islam? Almost all of the world leaders have children, grand-children, etc. Why would they “want” their daughters and little grand-daughters to grow up in a world of Islamic Law, wearing a burqa, being subjugated, treated as third class, at best, beaten, perhaps stoned, etc.??

      It just doesn’t make sense…

      A very intelligent friend of mine told me once..

      ‘..The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) at the UN level, secretly gathered private information on each of the national leaders and are now using that info. to bribe them into allowing Islam into their countries..’ You know, the dirty little secrets like.. ‘..PM so and so has a girlfriend on the side.. (or) ‘..Chancellor so and so is making money on the side from drug cartel pay-offs..’

      What are ‘your’ thoughts on this possibility as a motive?

      And please tell me your ‘THEY’ and ‘THEM’ references are not ‘the JEWS.’

      I’m not saying that is your contention.. “but” if it is.. you will lose all credibility with me and most of our readers.

      Thank you for your well thought comment.

      ‘YOU’ are the type of intellectual person I enjoy talking to the most. It yields constructive thought. 🙂

      I look forward to hearing from you again.

      And if ‘you’ can shine some light on my ‘WHY’ questions.. that would be wonderful.

      Peace and love be with you.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  11. Doesnt anyone understand that this pregnant girl carried his child? People does not care because she was another white trash who courted trouble by being a mattress for bad brown boys. Seems she was successfull in finding it. Once she had that child no german man would have wanted her anyway. So why care?


  12. Same thing in the USA. Media only covers Black or mexican victims by white perpetrators. And yes we bend over backwards to please the Muslims. After all the president of the USA is Muslim. This is all about a global world order. If your a white American or European your second class. The world is up side down.


  13. You all can blame Merkel who needs to use her fuckin brain finally. Off the record: wr should start killing muslims, fuck them all, islam and quran too.


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