18 comments on “The Rise of the Next Crusade: Christian Militia of 4,000 Soldiers Preparing to Fight ISIS Muslim Terrorists in Northern Iraq

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  3. The ceaseless war drums of our enemies continually pound out their pluralistic poison to destroy us all. Wake Up!

    My white protestant kindred here in America must stop emulating the hedonistic mannerism of their dark secular pagan and relativistic heathen enemies that our society is constantly being saturated with by our elitist multicultural enemies who have hijacked our white christian institutions, media, and government. Many of our once white protestant and christian people here in the US seem to think they have achieved some sort of enlightenment from imitating hedonistic and foreign religious anti-white christian people of color making themselves look and sound ridiculous, foolish, and ignorant. Stop It! Stand and be strong and confident servants and warriors of our redeemer and God.


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  5. very good, it is time that the western world wakes up to those idiots that slowly are attempting to control the world. vast majorities of muslims are changing the cultural fabric of Europe. The US, Europe, Japan and middle east countries should unite, form a force and destroy ISIS. A disease has to be eliminated otherwise it will destroy you. The actual regime in Syria is better than ISIS.

    Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015 14:48:36 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


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  7. This is a very welcome sign, young fit and capable men preparing to stay and fight for their own country instead of clambering on rickety boats to flee and eke out their lives living on welfare in Western nations. Maybe someone can convince the tens of thousands of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis that their place is at home fighting to make their own countries safe instead of becoming nuisances in Sweden, Australia, Canada and America.


    • re: f/j;

      I concur.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we began to see ‘Hindu Militias’ in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh… ‘Buddhist Militias’ in Myanmar… more ‘Christian and Jewish Militias’ … maybe even an atheist militia, here and there.. and they were ALL fighting together..against Islam??

      That is the ‘recipe for prosperity’ and the ‘road-map for peace thru unity.’

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  9. I like the idea of these militias fighting to free their own country, may they have all the support they need. However, I do wonder how many who have settled in the west will go out and join them in a fight to save their own country.

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  10. As a American I am very ashamed of our president he is an embarrassment to the U.S. but I wish these brave fighters well and hope they kick isis right into hell good luck and thank you for being brave enough to do something unlike our so called leader who to me is more like a coward and traitor than a real leader.

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