14 comments on “The ISIS Murder of Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh: ‘Healing the Believer’s Chests’ (Complete Uncensored Video)

  1. I am having a hard time finding the words. The world now is becoming full of Evil. Evil is being spread like a deadly poison. I can’t see anyway of stopping it unless we Nuke the bastards.

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    • re: upaces;

      Hi there. 🙂

      Congratulations. I will submit your name to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee…

      ..for, discovering the ‘..cure for Islam..’



      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • LOL…I appreciate that.
        My favorite quote comes from a movie. Denzel Washington in Man on Fire.
        He was a hero and when asked about him killing, even evil people….He answered:
        You’ll have to see it….(paraphrase). He doesn’t judge. He sends them to God and lets him sort it out.


  2. Glad to see Pamela got this video back up! It has been taken down once before from Vimeo and other places on the internet.

    This was such a ramp up on sadism it’s almost unfathomable! A new low for ISIS! ISIS has risen to a whole new brand of depravity.

    This video has woken up many of the deniers to the mental instability of those who follow the cult of islam. It’s now necessary to keep this video up so many others can have their eyes opened for them.

    I applaud King Abdullah of Jordan for such a swift response! I thank Israel for helping King Abdullah with the coordinates to bomb the heck out of this group in Syria and for al-Assad for giving his blessings to Jordan to come in and do the attack.

    May this horrendous act of ISIS be the catalyst for peace between Israel and Jordan in the future.

    Maranatha…. “may the Lord come quickly to take vengeance on thee for thy crimes.” מרנא תא

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    • re: Blessed B;

      Hi darling. 🙂

      You continue to amaze me. You always say exactly what I am thinking.

      I believe EVERYONE should ‘download’ and save this video, regardless of whether they want to watch it or not.

      Just as a matter of historical record, so we have the evidence to prosecute these bastards one day.

      You know, as I do..in the very near future, this video will completely disappear from everywhere.

      I’d be willing to bet you, it will be gone from this site by noon (est) on Monday.

      That would be approx. 36 hours after publishing.

      Care to bet against me?

      Hey.. speaking of which, do ‘you’ know of a video platform that provides hosting (like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) except, they do NOT take down videos??

      All of the places I know of take them down if their is any violence (or) negative content about Islam.

      There are ‘people’ that have LOT’Z of videos in their collections.. but, nowhere to upload them to, without getting them removed.

      p.s. I found this one video hosting site..and it had all kinds of violent videos.. “BUT” there was all this ‘porn’ ad stuff in the sidebars.

      I’m sure it goes without saying, even though they probably wouldn’t take down my videos, I cannot link people to a site with “you know what” goin’ on..over there on the sidebar.. :p


      Thank you.


      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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  3. This is just one awful video! How can anyone conceive of doing such a thing. I see no reason at all for these animals to be allowed to exist, the quicker ISIS is exterminated the better.

    Is there any way in which we can get ALL pro-muslim videos taken down? It will get my vote.



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  5. Where to begin~!~!~?~?
    Notice that he walks to his death, head held high and without a spark of cowardice.
    Notice also, the armed “Guard of -/-/-/-/” is indecipherable, covered from head to toe. Who are they hiding from? What is their secret shame? Are they hiding from G-D, allah, themselves, knowing their own internal putridness and despicability?

    As you said, j.s.m., and even though the pilot himself is muslim, he is FIRST a Creation of the Almighty Creator G-D, and is worthy of respect as a human being.
    Secondly, he is a man of honor and integrity. And his pride in what he is shows in his demeanor.

    He was a warrior, in the truest sense of the word. He was NOT a beast..

    May G-D rest his soul, and give him peace.

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    • re: g/f;

      How are ya’ brother?

      I completely agree with your comment.

      Hey.. Blessed B. just told me your video (of the Jordanian pilot) got pulled…

      Here is a link below from Pamela (she reloaded it.)

      Now look, it’s gonna’ get pulled again. You know that…

      ‘IF’ you have not already done so, under her video at the link below.. click the ‘Download’ button below the video player. That way, when it gets pulled again.. ‘you’ can upload it somewhere and then put it back on your site.

      Unfortunately, YouTube, Vimeo, Shutterfly, LiveLeak, etc. ALL pull videos when the muzzies report them.

      I’m working on locating a ‘video host’ that doesn’t pull videos down when there is some violence in them.

      Here’s the link to Pamela’s video..


      I’ll let you know if I find a ‘secure’ video host.. and please ask around yourself and let me know if you can find one.

      Thank you.

      Keep in touch.

      Peace and love be with you.

      – Schuyler

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