15 comments on “The Real History of the Crusades

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  2. Well, don’t I feel dumb. This is not what I was taught…BUT! Even being as young as I was, the stories I heard just did NOT make sense!

    Thank you for sharing this with us!!


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  6. The crusades were followers of Catholicism. They were not New Testament Christians, as in, followers of Jesus Christ and New Covenant believers. There’s a huge difference between the two. The crusaders were Christian Catholics. Again, not anything related to New Testament and the teachings of Jesus. Today, there are few people that believe in Jesus and the New Testament. Today, even “Christians” who believe Jesus is the Son of God, mainly follow the Old Testament and it’s religious practices. Their pastors are money hungry fools. Real true New Covenant Christians are humble and poor. They are not religious. They practice humility. The Crusaders were power hungry and formed a cult in the name of god. A fake god on scripture from the Bible that was Old Testament. Much like Christians today in the United Stated and Europe that justify war and their faith in God of the Christian Bible. They use Old Testament scripture to justify their cause. Old Testament Christians today are stuck in the old times much like the Jews today. They practice a fake religion. Not a faith in Jesus being the son of God , the Holy Spirit and God himself.


    • re: tsu;


      Unfortunately, I do not have the time at this moment to address many of your contentions, as I would like.

      Although, there are a few inaccuracies within your comment.

      First, let me say..I am not Catholic nor Protestant.. so, ‘I’ have no bias in either direction. My narrative is historical/scriptural truth and accuracy.

      The Catholic church is actually considered to be the original ‘Christian’ Church as established by Paul.

      It was not called ‘the Catholic church’ then, but the Catholics were descendant from Paul’s church. And yes, what it meant to be ‘Catholic’ then is much different than the ‘Catholics’ of today. They followed the scriptures more closely in the past with less of today’s ‘rituals’ and ‘dogma.’

      The Crusaders were NOT ‘all’ Catholics. Yes, many were.. but, the majority were actually Assyrian and Eastern Orthodox.

      You stated; ‘..The Crusaders were power hungry and formed a cult in the name of god. A fake god on scripture from the Bible that was Old Testament…’

      That is 100% Pure Unadulterated Bullsh*t.

      The Crusaders are the reason ‘you’ are not a Muslim right now and your daughter is not wearing a burqa’.

      The Crusaders were the resistance to the Islamic Conquests.

      You really need a history lesson..

      You should also spend LESS time attacking your fellow Christians by putting up walls between them and MORE time embracing them and tearing the walls down.

      A house divided cannot stand.


      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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    • Did you read the article? Your rabid anti-Catholicism has interfered with your ability to comprehend facts that contradict your need to feel self-righteous. Those ‘evil’ Catholics left their homes to sacrifice in some cases their all for Christian brethren. Yet centuries later you wish to sit in the judgment seat over them. “Judge not lest you be judged.” Show some humility yourself.


    • On the Southern Methodist University Campus, a “defrocked Priest from the Episcopal Church started his own church. Why was he kicked out? He wanted everyone who attended to KNOW all of the information in the great books.

      The meetings were in one of the smaller auditoriums on the Campus.

      Father Talliferro taught. Basically? He taught on many, many issues ont “what was left OUT of the Bible” due to the Council of Nicea. (side bar: had everything been left int he original Bible– our Bible would more resemble the Volumes of the Enclopedia Britanica.)

      Plus there were teachings that Priests did NOT want us to know about. He gave them to us freely.


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