10 comments on “Fire Destroys Islamic Center in Houston,Texas U.S.

  1. “unprecedented”? Really? Islam has been hated worldwide for hundreds of years and since 9/11 in the States. Rightfully so. Who in their right mind would love an organization/cult that burns, beheads, crucifies, dismembers, cannibalizes, blows up, stabs and shoots non-members? That would be like saying you love cancer, or shark attacks or your parachute not opening.
    Oh yeah, useful idiot liberals, that’s who.

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  2. seems when this happens to Islamic – there is an outrage and hype for the Federal Government to be involved & always turns out that it was self inflicted – for attention or more forced rights in any Host nation.

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  3. !!! – “Indeed, – Currently the World at large, is bearing witness to the “Mercy” and “Benevolence” of the Prophet Mohammad evinced through the blood-lusting actions of ISIS, unequivocally ‘Proving’ that ISLAM and its Prophet are inextricably linked to SATAN!”


    • re: Robert Arthur Gillis;

      Wow. Very, very nicely articulated, Robert.

      Thank you.

      Please do stay with us.

      Their is no greater inspiration, than that of intellect. 🙂

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  5. I cannot agree more with everything said here so far. Apart form the part about Mohammed being a nice person. He was a murdering, slave owning, warlord who pushed his version of religion onto people who once in could only get out if they were dead; and this is a loving kind man? He personally beheaded 600 (or more) helpless Jewish prisoners. This is written in the muslim texts but – of course – is left out (kitman) so that the taquia of kindness seems more believable.

    I do feel, however, that if the muslims had set this fire, they would have had some people in the Mosque, it makes for better publicity if people are killed. Perhaps it started a little too early, it does seem to be timed for the morning prayers.


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