12 comments on “A Message to the Nation of Israel

  1. Tomorrow or should I say? “TODAY WE WILL KNOW”?

    IF The Terrorist Islamic Non – American “p” RESIDENT STOLD another ELECTION,

    with ACORN using a Different Name ….

    What a SAD excuse to see Americans So dumbed down, That there is NO HONOR & NO TRUTH!


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  4. Well written and to the point..to me it is a criminal offense for Jeremy Bird and his trash to be in Israel and try to undermine this man and his party. Dirty politics is the only transparent part of King Obama’s regime…GOD BLESS ISRAEL!


  5. I think there is a problem with the fraudulent and illegal voting not that people didn’t vote and so Obama made it in as a result.

    Obama was the one they wanted in and they illegally rigged the vote in only the places necessary to effect a win in the presidential election.

    If I had Soros billions I’d conduct an exhaustive national investigation and were I right I would expect to be reimbursed by the federal government for my findings – otherwise were I wrong I’d have to suck it up buttercup.

    Doubt I’m wrong though and doubt I’ll be doing an investigation since I don’t have billions, which is how they get away with a lot of criminal activity btw…


    • re: hereiam7;

      Excellent comment. I doubt that you are wrong either.

      Did you know..

      Saudi King Abdullah gave Barack Hussein Obama $37 Billion in 2007, one year prior to his first term election?

      That’s a fact, provided by a foreign intel. service.

      The money was deposited into an account in Saudi Arabia, where most of it remains to this day.

      I’d like to say..that we have the ‘best president’ that money can buy.

      But, that would be a lie.

      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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