14 comments on “Imam Found Shot to Death in Wembley England

  1. Hey everybody ;-

    ” I can’t even get any ‘ODD’s with my bookies I use ! Maybe they know what I’m suspecting is true ? Am I silly or not… “


  2. Hmmmmmmm …….. let’s see………….. who could be irate enough to aerate this guy? Maybe a parent of one of the children abused by the muslim rape grooming gangs that prey on non-muslim children in Britain???? Maybe one of Lee Rigby’s family or friends??? Perhaps a citizen who lost a friend or family member in the subway bombings??? It would probably be quicker to compile a list of who DOESN’T want these guys dead. Britain might not be as “gun happy” as North Americans, but we should never underestimate the number of folks who keep a wee pistol just specially for occasions like this………………… 🙂

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  3. Well, I guess it’s a start… If they’d just go back to their caves in the Mideast or crawl back under their rocks and stay there, that would be better…

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    • ” So where Do I donate my money to or is there a bank account that I can set up a weekly payment plan to assist & ensure in the getting rid of the rest of them too ? ”

      This is, the best idea I’ve heard of yet !!!!

      And oh lord, ” Please don’t stop yet ! Get the rest of the fuckers too…..


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  6. It’s them or us! -as it says in the Qur’an “There will be world peace only when Islam rules and the last unbeliever is dead.” I cannot find out whether the unbelivers include a range of different muslim sects or not but it does seen that the believers are only those of the sect that you are looking at!
    I would be delighted to see ALL muslims given enforced expulsion to any sharia ruled country – go or die! That should fit well with Islamic law.

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