5 comments on “Young Israeli Jew Found Murdered Inside of a Franciscan Monastery in Berlin, Germany

  1. when he asked for help he should have received it, it is not that expensive some food and a cot provided by those he had approached for help. How hard was for the rabbi to have fed the young man and provided him a cot to sleep for one night. Stupidity reigns in the world today and good thinking could have saved the life of the young man. Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2015 03:07:33 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


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  3. Martha you must have missed this paragraph:
    “Teichtal, who is a community rabbi in Berlin and also the head of the Chabad Jewish Education Center in the city, said a fellow rabbi arranged a place to sleep for the man at a community center near Alexanderplatz — less than a kilometer from where the victim was found Sunday morning.”

    I would assume that there would be food at the center. However, with hindsight it seems that he should have been provided with an armed escort. (German police are armed, private citizens are not.) Perhaps a gang of eight with clubs would have sufficed, but muslims have a habit of always bringing in reinforcements to out number any opponent. Such a parade would attract attention and you could be looking at many more dead/injured. It is quite possible that as this man had been wandering alone without harm, he would reach the center unharmed. It was not far to go.

    However, the blame lies with the attacker(s) not with the rabbi – he acted in good faith.


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