13 comments on “47-Year-old Muslim Man Attempts Rape of 10-Year-old Boy Inside Denmark’s NEW Mega-Mosque in Copenhagen

  1. When you are separated from all women from the age of 8 and put into all male classes, there comes a time when the sexual drive starts to kick in. To whom do you turn, there are no girls, so the young boys start to become attractive. This happened in many public schools and is the major fault in many separate sex establishments. Islam is total sex separation and this can only lead to homosexuality, unfortunately within Islam it is the one who is penetrated that is deemed to be in the wrong so the perpetrator tends to get off scott free.
    This is a major pillar of Islam and one which the west does not understand. To be lenient with muslims is only to incite more crimes of this nature, they are not insane, they are brainwashed and need to see that this behaviour will NOT be tolerated. Castration would prove an excellent deterrent. Especially if carried out publicly.


    • re: bombislam.com;

      LOL. That’s a nice right cross to the chin.

      Hindu KO’s Muslim in first 3 seconds of Round I.


      Keep in touch with us..

      Peace and love be with you.

      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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  2. Homosexuality is forbidden to muslims.
    Sodomy of young boys is culturally exempted and a badge of honour in the islamic world.
    Bring on the islamisation of Australia
    More mosques with bigger toilets to welcome the angry plague of islam


  3. this muslim needs 1000 lashes of the toughest rattan. And for his treatment of the mental abnormality, he will need his penis chopped off and fed to dogs. Anything less means the judges should also be brought to justice for cooperating with criminals.


  4. I have never heard such nonsense! His “mental state” is muslim; what does everybody expect?
    Bath him in pig’s blood, and then lock him away, for good!
    Compensation? How does anyone think one can compensate this child, for what this man did to him? How are you going to “give him his life back”?


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