13 comments on “Islamic State NEW RELEASE: ‘..Until There Came To Them Clear Evidence..’ (Uncut Video)

    • LOL – the fact a muslim thinks any true Christian who believes in Jesus as being the Son of God, will denounce their faith, is laughable. I’d be honored to have my head cut off in the name of Jesus. I’d smile and thank Jesus for the opportunity to show the Muslims doing such a sin and crime the love and power of Jesus the Lord and true God how much Jesus loves them even through death. Their god is old testament. Their god is not new testament. Their god is weak, and powerless compared to Jesus the Lord God. I laugh at these websites and videos. The production value is pathetic, and the scriptures they say are pathetic. Oh how I wish these fake followers are soon exposed for forgery and blasphemy. How pathetic these fools and ignorant worms of human beings they are. I relish in the thought that one day I can meet such evil face to face, only to love them, and express how much I forgive them and how Jesus the true Christ and savior loves and forgives them. What an honor it would be…

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      • Only to love them? forgive them? People like this have no place in God’s garden and must be removed directly – this is a case for ethical war to prevent a greater harm from occurring.


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  2. “Until there came to them clear evidence” – A non-Muslim, non-Quranic way to “Finish” the sentence, “the free people of the world denied the coming ‘holocaust’, even while it was knocking at its door.

    Where is the huge “Out Cry” from if no one else, CHRISTIANS.

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  3. what is Ethiopia doing to protect their citizens, the same that other muslim countries, Japan, etc. are doing nothing. They are in a complete state of inertia and the criminals are becoming stronger by the day. The US sent a couple of hundred troops to train the ucrainian army and when the Russians decide to move they will not be stopped by a few soldiers, they have enough power to wipe out this country. When Turkey feels the need they will move and I am sure ISIS will not last too long. If Saddam Hussein were in power ISIS would not exist today my friend. Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 16:02:49 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


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  6. you know what slaughtering for ethiopian christians has another meaning it means those heroes were lucky to be beheaded by the so called islamic state though it is not, do not expect any revenge from the Government of Ethiopia, God will show us same miracles on you like what he had done on Egyptians for the escape of Israel people


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