9 comments on “Wisconsin School Has Students ‘..Pretending to be Muslim..’

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  2. There are two reasons why the Godless Libtards don’t and won’t complain about Islam:

    1 – They’re mostly just against Christianity;

    2 – They’re rightfully terrified of being destroyed financially or existentially by the Muslims

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    • re: jonolan;


      As to your first contention (#1) .. Oh yes, you are absolutely 100% Correct! Atheists are definitely AntiChrist. That’s a FACT!

      As are ‘Secularists’ ‘Humanists’ and ‘Muslims.’

      Now, to hear ‘them’ tell it.. the majority would deny this. But, it’s true.

      As to your second contention above (#2), I suspect you are correct in this.

      The far majority of atheists are simply weak in mind and body..and their spirit is non-existent.

      Therefore, they prey upon those they consider to be ‘..the weak..’ (ie.) the lambs. (Christians and Jews, etc.)

      And they hide from those that they perceive to be strong, like a lion.

      I hope they underestimate ‘me’ in both my resolve and commitment, because I will utilize their miscalculation to my advantage.

      At the end of the day, they will be engaged in a manner consistent with that of the Moslem.


      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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  3. Im not American but am tempted to say you need a purge in the tradition of Macarthy of all Leftist distructive a genda and proponents ……..(although its a bit like Big Brother)…..forget I said it !!!

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  6. Well j.s.m. I can find no evidence for a god, but that does not make me despise any religion that preaches genuine peace and goodwill to all. I support them but cannot join them. You will have to go a long way to find a greater supporter of Israel than me. However, the one ‘religion’ that I do despise is Islam and the brainwashed idiots that practice it. This is a way of evil and is totally against the equality that I believe that we should all have and that I do my best to support.

    I must be one of the small minority of the majority that you mention. Certainly the other ‘non-believers’ that I know are also far from your description, we make our presence felt in many ways but never in the muslim pattern that you seem to describe.

    Shalom – It has a good sound.


    • re: Knight;

      The ‘evidence’ of G-d is all around you, my friend. Just go look into a mirror…

      ‘You’ are the evidence of a loving G-d that creates only perfect and beautiful beings.

      I wish that ‘I’ could just pull out this ‘tangible proof’ that you are in search of…

      But, the most beautiful things in the human existence are intangible.

      Just think of ‘love.’

      Does ‘love’ exist?

      If you say ‘yes’ ..then, please prove this to me. Please show me the tangible evidence.

      You cannot. And neither can I. But, we both know it exists.

      I could argue that ‘time’ does not exist. Does it? Well, we cannot see it.

      What about compassion?

      What are the greatest gifts ‘we’ can possibly give to our children while we are here on earth with them?

      In other words, if ‘you’ have children.. and ‘you’ died tonight… what do you think your children would miss and desire from you the most?

      Perhaps, more of your ‘love’ and more ‘time’ with you…??

      Completely ‘invisible’ things.. yet, so beautiful and invaluable to us.

      Our G-d most definitely exists..and He loves ‘you.’

      I know this.

      If ‘you’ were the only person to ever be born onto this earth.. He still would have come to earth in the form of a human..and given His life..

      ..Just for ‘you.’

      He loves ‘you’ that much.

      All I ask is.. please, just leave yourself open to the possibility.

      Keep your eyes, heart, mind and spirit open and aware..

      and I believe He will reveal Himself to you.

      Peace and love be with ‘you’ and all of those you love, always..



      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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