8 comments on “ISIS Muslim Militants Kidnap, Gang-Rape and Impregnate a 9-Year-old Yazidi Girl in Iraq

  1. where are the wonderful armed forces of the US, the marvelous all powerful delta forces, the 660 billion military budget where are the wonderful british, French, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, etc forces that can save the world only on paper. The US and the western world are paper tigers, idiots that can do nothing. They can not prevent those criminals from doing barbarities to a young girl. The US has a mulatto president to appease parts of the population of this marvelous nation but his teeth do not bite my friend. Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 03:21:54 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


    • They are being prevented from dealing with the ISIS animals – perfect, obedient followers of islam and mohammed -by the same Commander-in-Chief who refused to save the lives of a US Ambassador and the other four men who died in Benghazi. The same jerk who openly stated he would support islam over anyone else in any conflict. Our troops are no longer permitted to do what is right, to protect the weak and innocent, because they are controlled by a half-witted half-white who would rather play golf that do what he was elected to do.

      The militaries of all of those countries are withheld by their “leaders” who would rather see a Universal Caliphate than lose their oil imports or, G-d forbid, be called islamophobes.


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  3. ISIS must be the worst evil since the muslim invasions of the middle ages. It seems that there is only one answer. All out war on them from all non-muslim nations. They cannot be reasoned with, they are totally convinced that what they do is sanctioned by their god and they are obeying his will with the mindset of 5 year old bullies.

    We would not be killing them for they believe that “The soldier fires the gun but Allah guides the bullet.” So their god would be guiding the bullets that kill them. Or does this only apply when they are the ones hiding behind a wall and firing blindly over or around it?


    • allah needs to guide a multi-warhead missile or two into every muslim nation on the face of the Earth. islam is not a religion, it is a diseased death cult which sorely needs to be eliminated. islam has NO redeeming features at all, and even the so-called “moderate” muslims need to either drop it altogether or be eliminated as well. Their own qu’ran commands true, orthodox muslims to kill those muslims who do not follow _all_ of the qu’ran. ISIS is the perfect embodiment of orthodox islam, and what the world will face if this threat isn’t ended.


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