5 comments on “Islamic State Child Soldier Murders an Alleged Iraqi Spy (Uncut Video in HD)

  1. Notice it took 6 armed guards to ensure that the bound prisoner could do nothing dangerous. Poor guy seemed to be drugged/beaten into absolute submission anyway. Did they think that he might attack the child or were they there en mass to ensure that the child did not falter?

    Typical Islam; designed to through fear into the west – but arousing hate and disgust of Islam and all it stands for instead.

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    • re: Knight;

      Hello, my friend. 🙂

      You make an excellent point that I had not considered. That being, that some or all of these victims could be drugged.

      After all, they are prisoner’s of war (to ISIS.) This would be so easy to accomplish..

      Imagine you were deprived of water for 3 or 4 days.. or food.. and then, they finally gave you a cup of water or bowl of food.

      You would probably be elated to receive this and consume it immediately, as would almost anyone in the same situation. So, this would be any easy method of drug inducement.

      This would explain why so many of the victims in past videos made no attempt at escape, when about to be beheaded.

      I cannot foresee any situation where I would just kneel down and allow them to behead me.

      I would fight, attempt escape, etc.

      If you took off running.. they’d probably shoot you in the back.. but to me, that is better than beheading.

      I was taught at a young age..

      ‘..Sometimes a good run is better than a bad stand..’



      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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