3 comments on “Afghan Muslim Girl Raped by Relative, Jailed for Adultery, Forced to Marry Her Rapist and Now Pregnant With His 3rd Child

  1. That slimy creep is old enough to be her grandfather………………… eeeeeeeeeew! But, looking on the bright side, it probably won’t be too long before he can’t get it up anymore……………… 🙂


    • re: Birdlady;

      LOL. 🙂 You are so funny…

      Well, I bet Obama and Hillary will provide ‘..U.S. Taxpayer Assistance..’ to him so that he can purchase his Viagra.

      For the girl’s sake..let’s hope not.


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  2. I am not really surprised at the little effect the millions poured into this country have had. It is very difficult to change the traditions of people who have been living in their way for many generations. Only a change in religion can do this in a single generation and Islam will not permit this. All we can do is hope that Gulnaz is genuinely happy in a situation that would be intolerable in western society.
    ברכה ושלום


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