18 comments on “ISIS Releases Death Threat Against Pamela Geller and Warning of Future Attacks in America by Trained Sleeper-Cells

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    • re: alexanderbackman;

      Thank you Mr. Backman for taking the time to share your message with our readers and myself.

      If ‘you’ would ever like to collaborate our efforts and work together on a project, please let me know.

      May the peace and love of Yahushua HaMashiach be with you and your family always…


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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  2. Typical muslin hot air, they will never admit any failure however obvious it is to others. Untrained men? difficult to believe when the mosques are a training ground for children upwards. Threats of sleeper cells, just that threats – no proof offered. There will be some potential terrorists about; any one following the Qur’an as a way of life is a potential terrorist. Maybe this announcement will wake up the USA but I have some doubts. It is not until high ranking officials are killed that the government will wake up to reality.


  3. I watch the American History Channel where the show documentaries of how wonderful the armed forces of the US and the British invaded Europe and destroyed the Nazis forces and conquered everything on their path. They never mention other nations that took part in that conflict and help win it. There is never mention of the French, free Italians, Germans, Brazilians, etc. that helped defeat Hitler and those criminals. Today the US prides itself of being a superpower and it is just a belief because the US lost the war in Korea, Vietnam, Afganistan and Irak. Homosexuals are breaking the fabric of this nation, they do not want a family anymore they want their way of life the same way that international terrorism want to control the world. Destroy the family, destroy society and keep destroying until society has no form. Greed, arms manufacturing and the making of tons of money is what those running this country want. The world is coming to an end slowly but coming to an end my friend. Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 01:53:26 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


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  5. Bring it mus, you dirty little camel shagging scum. Hope you enjoy the taste of .45 rounds. Attack us so we can kill all of you dirty mo-hammed loving freaks.


  6. ISIS ,soldiers in the kingdom of Darkness on the highway to Destruction…..unless they repent and trust in Jesus


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