6 comments on “Israel Now Enforcing Sharia Law on the Temple Mount

  1. OMG the bigotry stands out a mile! Fanaticism +! Unbelievable! And they have the mordacity to say the same woe-is-me crap that other supremacy groups use LOL I stand by your pledge Sharia Unveiled.. the writing is on the wall as plain as the nose on a person’s face. They accuse others what they do themselves! But isn’t this the BEAST we are actually dealing with here? Fanaticism? No matter the genre the subject etc , if fanaticism is involved it becomes a nasty ugly monster demanding the same, sympathysing treatment from its said audience, as is clear in this case! The victims now become the perpetrators & a clear case of this attitude in seen in “The Rule of the right to reply”. I will now unlike “Jews News” a very pro-Jewish online rag on FB.. lol That says it all


    • re: Queen Jenevere;

      Hello. 🙂

      Perhaps you have ‘slightly’ misconstrued my contention.

      My hostility is NOT towards a faith, especially Judaism. Neither is it towards the ‘Jewish Press’ being a publication dedicated and operated according to their faith. But rather, it is their utter hypocrisy that I find disconcerting.

      To initially request from their readers; ‘….We ask that YOU respect the fact that we are a religious Jewish website..’

      And then, in the next paragraph, mock the faith’s of their readers in stating; ‘..foreign religions, gods or messiahs..’ and denying them the right to comment.

      – – –

      “WE” stand against Islam.. but, why?

      Because Islam is a hate-filled, intolerant ‘false-religion’ of bigotry and subjugation.

      What is the catalyst in that equation?


      Intolerance YIELDS hate, bigotry, subjugation, enslavement, murder, etc, etc.

      So.. if I stand against Islam for their intolerance, I MUST equally apply that same standard to my own faith, when intolerance is observed.

      I cannot and will not speak against Islam for their intolerance, then overlook observed intolerance within my own faith and give them a ‘Free Pass.’

      ‘Lest “I” be a hypocrite.

      And ‘that’ I am not.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being ‘Pro-Jewish.’ I highly encourage it. 🙂

      Although, being ‘pro’ ____anything____ does NOT mean you must be ‘Anti’ ___everything else___.

      “WE” are the evidence of this.

      WE, at ‘sharia unveiled’ are VERY Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel and we love our Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Yazidi, atheist, secularist, etc. brothers and sisters..and they are “ALL” always welcome to share their thoughts here.


      ‘Jews News’ is a wonderful website operated by wonderful people. They are COMPLETELY respectful of ALL people, of ALL faiths and speak out in their defense.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Hope you come back again..



      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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