4 comments on “Muhammad’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. In recent conversations with some Muslims from overseas im constantly amazed how true this is. Ive usualy just imagined these people are all practicing Taqiyya and were applying stealth Jihad. But Im beginning to be convinced its not always the case. Some people say ,oh you just don’t understand Islam. When I show them what I do know, Its often more than they do. I have no idea as to why this is. I still think if they want to worship big Al that they need to stay in already Islamic established countries because Australian western culture and the teaching of Mo just don’t mix. I howerver do feel sorry for some people who are in this religion and don’t know what its even based on or about .


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    #islamisfalse The outline below contains the answers to the very questions Muhammad did not want his followers to know. Namely that Islam is a sanitized version of ancient polytheistic moon worship which he invented to exercise military control.


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