7 comments on “Muslim Man Severely Beats His Young Daughter for ‘..Suspicion of Being Gay..’

  1. You make me sick. You espouse your religion to be one of tolerance and love. It is in fact, one of hate and intolerance. It commands all Muslims to put the sword to all non-believers.

    Your religion spews poison at all non-Muslims. You condone and encourage the abuse of women and children. You writhe in the streets for joy at the sight of a public beheading. Not only do you justify the killing of any female family member who was the victim of a rape as “family honor,” but you actually glorify the perpetrators. You have gangs of hoodlums patrolling your streets, calling themselves “Moral Police,” enforcing your ridiculous and subhuman Shariah Law. You deny your females a decent education, thereby preventing them from any meaningful contribution to society in any way other than to become “baby factories.” You desecrate all places of worship other than your own. You assassinate school children for being female and wanting to attain an education. You massacre women, children and innocents – all in the name of your so=called “god.” On top of it all, you think that strapping a suicide bomb onto your eight year old son and having him blow himself up along with
    any infidel, will get him into heaven and be served by seventy-two virgins for all eternity.

    You have redefined the meaning of the word “barbarism!”


  2. Once again, Muslim savagery is on display and two young girls, unable to defend themselves, are the victims. And this is typical of Muslims – to injure or kill those weaker than themselves and unable to fight back. Muslims have no place in western society because they are still savages and, due to their inferior genes from generations of incest, will likely never fully evolve to a point where their society is compatible with western civilization. Western civilizations would do well to emulate Japan’s model – outlaw Islam and prohibit Muslim immigration. Islam is barbarous and must be stopped in it’s attempts at world conquest.


  3. As frequently as this Website is visited, – one is ‘treated’ to a bout of ‘revulsion’ at the abhorrent actions and activities of members of the ISLAMIC Religion of ‘Peace’ as perpetrated against not JUST Infidels, but members of their own so-called ‘Religion’ of peace, – often resulting is permanent disfigurement, including maiming, – including ‘death’ through various methodologies, including burning the Victim alive! Yet, despite these recurrent atrocities, – the ‘lure’ of ISLAM is akin to the ‘irresistable’ beckon of Satan’s minions to surrender one’s Soul voluntarily!”


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  5. A real devout follower of the Islamic cult. Always pick on someone helpless to show how devoutly you follow your cult rules. It can only appeal to men with a prominent sadistic trait, anyone else would see it for the ‘Gang Cult’ that it is. Religion – NO WAY!


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