8 comments on “The ISIS War Front in America

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  2. Where are the wonderful forces that defeat all enemies of the US. I watch the AWH channel often and all I is the British and the US beat everyone but in reality is all bad propaganda, the US is a paper tiger without teeth. Why is ISIS such a threat. It all money my friend, the arms manufacturers have to sell what they produce in the world to make money. If Saddam Hussein were in power ISIS would not exist, but the US, the big cowboy, John Wayne?, overthrew him and created one of the biggest messes in the history of the Middle East. I hope that if ISIS takes over Gaza and it rockets Israel. Israel would obliterate Gaza in days and eliminate the creation of this wonderful nation the US. The world is saturated with muslims and they deserve what they get for their stupidity. The big paper tiger is nothing than a paper tiger with no teeth. I do hope Israel keeps its teeth and uses them when time comes. Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 00:09:10 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


  3. The CIA create al qaida to fight the russians in Afghanistan. “ISIS” is just the new “scarier” name for al qaida. Since the CIA’s role is to do the dirty work for the rulers of the world (along with the mossad) and since the rulers want to get the sheeple to BEG for a fascist New World Order “saving” them from the boogie man (who is a creation of the CIA/mossad), our “govt” will NEVER beat ISIS. ISIS “attacks” will be the EXCUSE to declare Martial Law in the USA, followed by foreign troops to “help” us (probably to shoot the Patriots who will be the ones to actually fight ISIS) because too many US troops have said they won’t shoot Americans (the Patriots) and the foreign troops will be mercenaries who don’t care who they shoot.


  4. There are thousands of concerned Americans, We Need a Government that will Close the Borders to Illegal Mexicans and Isis is coming right along with them! Dear born Mich is controlled by Muslims and have killed Christians there, We Need a Bounty on them! If the so called peaceful Muslims dont stand up against ISIS and kill those they know that are ISIS then they will be suspect too and are as guilty as ISIS if they done tell authorities! Our President is Muslim! He wont even say Radical Muslims so I guess he wants us all to think all Muslims are ISIS. I us to know many Muslims when I was IN Texas, but that was several yrs ago. The Vietnamese that our soldiers knew were family of Cong and they didnt tell where there son or father uncle was then when they killed an American Soldier the family was looked at like they Pulled the trigger, We should adopt the same mentality before we loose our freedom!


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