5 comments on “New Jersey,US: Muslim Who Arranged Wife’s Murder and Blamed it on ‘..Islamophobes..’ Receives a Life Sentence

  1. That piece of dog excrement didn’t know, nor care, that his wife was so beautiful. And from what I’ve seen, Antoinette Stephen would lose a beauty contest to a mud fence~!
    There is NO honor among muslim men, apparently. There was also a case in New York, a few years back, where Aasiya Hassan (Buffalo, 2009), was killed by her husband.
    Both Nazish Noorani and Aasiya Hassan were beautiful women, who could have assisted in changing a mindset, a world. Women who were not afraid of the world, but terrified of their culture. How so very sad that is~! And islam is full of women like that. Just google, “Apostasy in Islam”.


    • re: grouchyfogie2;

      What a wonderful comment.

      Yes, I could not help but notice what a stunningly beautiful woman Nazish Noorani is. And that dumb fk has her murdered to be with that ‘..bull dyke..’


      Not only is he spiritually and emotionally blind.. but, physically as well.

      Shalom to you and your’s GF. 🙂

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  2. Islam strikes yet again, this time hoping to use it in deceit. This character should never be allowed out. Perhaps put into the right prison he would not be around long enough to plan an appeal!


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