10 comments on “A Message to America From the Muslims in the UK (Video)

  1. Well, come on. Bring it to us. You will not find us cowering in fear. You will be met with a force that will scared sit out of you.


  2. If those dumb Raggheds tried a march like that here, in the United States, there’s a good possibility that there would be blood on the street and a bunch of wounded or dead Raggheds. The rest of them would be locked up for incitement… Cowboys and Muslims ain’t far off…


  3. I am 74 years old and before Islam dominates the world I would grab an m16, an AK47 or any other form of weapon and fight those criminals, die on my feet not as a slave. Islam will never dominate the world. The Europeans are so apathetic that do deserve to be dominated by those people. We should form small groups and go to England and shut those idiots up once and for all. Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 16:09:23 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


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  5. !!! – Canada just might be an ‘easy’ Victim, because of our “Tail-wags-the-Dog” Gun Laws! So You come on right over, – Canadians are quite good at innovation! Trebouches’ are our speciality!


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  7. I am very offended by this. The very values I cherish are as important to me as the image of Mohammed is to them. These people should not be allowed to remain free in the west. Remove all benefits and send them packing.


  8. i have read the Koran it talks of jihad being to fight for those that are to protect / fight for those hopeless frail weak or woman or children and the old frail.
    These terrorist use old & frail, woman & children. In Queensland Australia were I live for now we are told these fascists are infiltrating facebook hacking in and say they are friends who brainwashing our preschool children to become suiside bombings.
    I am shitty because they use God as an excuse to do the devils deeds of their heart and in hands.
    The only way I can kill them is if God changes His words of one muslim shall not kill another muslim.


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