17 comments on “Muslims in America Prefer Sharia Law to U.S. Constitutional Law (Video)

  1. the US took many lands from the Mexicans and deprived them of their law, now is allowing the muslims to impose a pre-historic way of life and the muslims the same as the homosexuals are imposing their way of life on this country, Europe, Canada an Australia. Thank God Israel with a muslim population of twenty percent is not allowing that to happen, it would be suicide for that country. The US with its population so drug addicted and passive is allowing a lot of things to take place that is breaking the traditional family and rotting this society from within. I do hope Israel stays firm otherwise it will not make for long. Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2015 00:34:08 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com

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  3. This is America “NOT shariah” – – IF They like what they left behind – they need to go back and Live within it…


    IT IS TIME to Start exporting the JIHADIST and TERRORIST & The people who refuse to assimilate to this Nations LAWS & RULES.

    PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I continue to be baffled by the US justice system’s tolerance for these sharia idiots. If a foreign COUNTRY tried to direct, or even influence, how an American court tried a case, they would promptly be told where to stick it and at what angle. So why would American courts ever take into consideration the ridiculous demands of a violent 7th century muslim supremacist cult posing as a religion??? The “imams” who supposedly represent a parallel court are NOT lawyers, and they are CERTAINLY NOT judges. My mechanic probably has more understanding of due legal process………….. and he is available three afternoon a week……………..

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  5. So if Muslims prefer their barbaric code of savagery instead of U.S. Constitutional Law, then they should leave the United States and either return to their country of origin or other barbaric nation devoid of any civilizing influence so that they can find happiness. And, of course, that would wipe out a HUGE segment of Hillary… err, Democratic voters…

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  7. I find it absolutely amazing that these people say that they would rather live in Somalia, or in one case, Saudi Arabia. What is stopping them from going back. If they were victims there and not in the States, then surely they would not want to go back to being victims. As for Sharia law, if the lad wants his hand chopped off for stealing so be it, perhaps the Sharia should be applied to muslims only and see how they feel then.


    • re: Knight;

      Hi. 🙂

      Yes, exactly. Furthermore, ..if they do not want to be here, why in the hell did they come in the first place?

      It sounds like they were ‘..forced..’ to come here.

      Perhaps the solution involves ‘..forcing..’ them to go back.


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • Sounds like a One way ticket back to the 7th Century – with No Return papers Applied to them forever…..

        – Yes they do not need to be Westernized…….

        It seems that, No one is ever happy – until they loose their life these days.???.

        They come over here & hate themselves and Blame everyone else for their backwards Stupidity??

        – – – We all know misery Loves Company – – –

        Then they want to strap on a bomb or cut someone’s Head Off ????

        Love thy Neighbor, – as thy Self – Do onto Others – as You Want others to do – unto You…

        – – I think they need the message from the Real GOD – –

        These False religions are getting Crazier everyday – –

        – – IRAN is the Place for them to go – –

        It is the Most Peaceful Place in the Middle East – – Ask obama??


  8. I am not surprised that Shariah law is favoured over constitutional law. It is required by Islam as part of the Quranic teaching. Whilst the constitution promotes rights and a secular society with division of Church and state. Islamic law is joined at the hip with the state. Most importantly in Shariah women have limited rights and it does not recognise a woman’s word as having the same weight before a judge. Neither can you use forensic evidence to prove rape against women. Giving an opinion about the prophet Mohammad can get you the death sentence. It’s a fine system indeed.


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  10. No one twisted their arms to come here. WE THE PEOPLE have our laws – The Constitution of the United States of America. No, we do not want their Shariah Law nor their pushy, domineering ways. If they don’t like it – hey, that’s life. They know where the door is.


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