6 comments on “Muslim Woman Murders Her 17-Year-old Pregnant Daughter in Turkey

  1. You’re sick for celebrating the fact that Muslims are dying. And I myself knew a Muslim teenage girl who got pregnant and she up to this day (12 years later) is supported by her parents very much and is living happily with her daughter.

    And quite a few of the stories that are ‘trending right now’ on your ‘blog’ are lies. You should be very ashamed.


    • re: whitemvibes

      You have COMPLETELY misunderstood our contention. I presume ‘you’ are referring to the line;

      ‘..May the glory be to allah and his helper muhammad, that 2 more muslim children are dead..’

      I do NOT write this from ‘our’ perspective, but rather ‘their’s.’ (ie.) the Islamic perspective.

      In other words, the Moslem believes it is better to murder the pregnant daughter and her child in the womb, rather than be shamed and ‘dishonored’ in the Islamic community for having a daughter that got pregnant out of wedlock. In Islam, this is referred to as ‘honor killing.’ In reality, it’s ‘dishonorable murder.’

      Do you get that now?

      It should be 100% clear:

      It is ‘our’ view here at sharia unveiled that EVERY human life possesses the utmost intrinsic value from our Creator. This is why ‘we’ report this story and all of the others.

      In DEFENSE of the little girl and her beautiful child in the womb.

      And if ‘you’ were one of our readers for some time.. ‘you’ would already know this.

      Furthermore, 100% of our stories are verified prior to publication.


      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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