16 comments on “The Rising Tide of Muslim Converts to Christianity

  1. And so the pendulum swings. Hundreds of years ago in India, many Hindus chose to convert to Islam because it was seen as a fairer system, not having a caste system that confined thousands to perpetual misery unto generations of re-birth. It’s all a matter of contemporary perceptions, and I don’t think many sane people would be converting to Islam these days.


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    Amen!! Our True GOD who art in HEAVEN works always in HIS LOVE, MERCY, and COMPASSION!!

    GOD Bless All these muslims who are TRUSTING in our LORD ( ADONAI ) / KING / MESSIAH / SAVIOR YESHUA-JESUS CHRIST!!

    Am Yisrael Chai FOREVERMORE!! Shabbat Shalom Everyone!!

    Love Always and Shalom,



  3. As a lifelong atheist I can only say that if people must have a religion, Christianity is the lesser of two evils, given the choice between that and Islam. However, why not go for Buddhism or Sikhism, both of which are very low on the ‘violence is the answer’ mantra.


    • re: f/j;

      I think that’s one of the nicest things you’ve ever said about Christians. I suppose that’s as close to a compliment towards Christians, that could be expected from an atheist.

      Regardless, I have often wondered if atheists thought that way. You know, kinda’ like ‘..buyer’s remorse..’

      So many atheists have spent (wasted) their lives fighting against a ‘G-d’ that they claim doesn’t exist..and now, the ‘Christian Church’ (ie.) ‘Body of Chr-st’ on earth is weak.

      Ripe for the picking for Islam, wouldn’t you say?

      So now, atheists are confronted with a MUCH ‘..greater evil..’ as you put it.

      Where those pesky Christians have been annoying you for decades with ‘..prayer in schools..’, crosses on churches and those damn Gideon bibles in the motel rooms…

      Now, the atheists can start preparing for; ‘..bowing down to allah..’, paying the jizya, being beheaded in the public square and having your daughters gang-raped by little muhammad, akmed and ibrahim down the street.

      Now, that’s one hell of a trade-off.

      There will be no ‘middle ground’ (or) ‘neutral’ in the final battle, my friend.

      The atheists will be on one side (or) the other.

      They will either fight beside the Christians, Jews, etc. (or) they will fight beside the Muslims.

      You shall see I am correct.


      (And see you in the trenches, my friend.)

      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • Good response. As an atheist I have nothing against Christians (or any religion for that matter) providing they don’t impinge on my essential freedoms. There’s an old Irish saying, ‘every cripple has his own way of walking’ which really means that we are all getting through life in whatever means best suits us despite the obstacles.
        However, I am seeing the down side of Christian teachings where toleration of Islam is concerned. Many Christians appear as ‘useful idiots’, to quote a Leninism, proffering the other cheek to what is by definition a ruthless, hegemonic political religion. Granting toleration of Islam gives them the vacuum they seek to make inroads to all the norms of democratic civilisation within our communities and on the world stage.
        We have to toughen up if we hope to ever get back to normalcy.


      • re: f/j;

        Thank you. And an excellent reply from ‘you’ here, I might add.

        You are absolutely and unequivocally correct.

        I see these ‘Christians’ you reference in the exact manner you described. Actually, I may view them even more harshly. Perhaps you have seen in the past where I have referenced them as; ‘..Pseudo-Christians, Fake Christians and/or “CINO’s” (Christian in Name Only)..’

        ‘They’ wouldn’t know Christianity if they stepped in it…

        And you are correct, they are idiots. Useful? Hmm.. not to us.

        They only prove their ignorance of two ‘religions.’ First, their own, then Islam.

        – – –

        I’m sure you understood where I was going with my contention in my previous message to you. That being, in the end it will be ‘Us v. Them.’

        I hope the atheists are with ‘us.’ As they should be.

        I’m sure you have read some of the stories here on this site and elsewhere that outline the ‘atheists’ that are being murdered by Muslims in many parts of the world today. While others are being imprisoned for decades…and why? For their denial of Islam and their outspoken manner favoring ‘secularism/atheism.’

        So, you do see ‘we’ are in the same boat, correct?

        I feel confident in saying, you probably have no more desire to convert to Islam than I.

        But ‘you and I’ will hang together, side by side for our résistance.

        Where ‘being Muslim’ and practicing Islam are the nominal.. we are both ‘Non-Muslims’ alike.

        ‘We’ are Islam’s ‘un-useful idiots.’

        – – –

        If you are limited by time restraint in replying, PLEASE address the passage below;

        Here is one thing that I have often wondered about atheists and perhaps you could provide some insight for me on this subject:

        Would an atheist have much problem with converting to Islam (or at least, pretending to ‘accept/convert’) to Islam, in order to save their life, if necessary?

        See, the reason you hear about so many from the Judaic Faiths of ‘Judaism/Judeo-Christianity’ being beheaded, hung, executed, etc. is because we CANNOT abandon Our Lord thy G-d. I do not mean ‘cannot’ in the manner that we are not allowed to (or) that we would be punished if we did ..but more so, it is contrary to the entire foundation of our existence and being.

        We prefer to die with the truth, as opposed to live with a lie.

        We cannot, must not and will not deny our Lord. And NEVER can we ‘pretend’ to do so. We could sooner deny ourselves, than to deny the one who lives in us.

        But for the atheist.. there is not this ‘denial’ of the Creator.. in accepting Islam.

        So, I know ‘you’ cannot speak for ‘all’ atheists.. but, for yourself and your educated guess about atheists, in general..

        If your head was on the choppin’ block of Muhammad’s finest…

        Could you / would you either accept Islam (or) pretend to accept Islam.. in order to live?

        Thank you.

        Peace and love be with you..


        – – –

        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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  6. As an atheist I have already fought besides men of diverse religions against muslims who were trying to take over by force. Now at the age of 79 I could never submit to their cult. In my opinion Islam is not a religion, differs very little from the gang cultures around the world.
    I will/would go down fighting to the last breath trying to take as many as I could with me. Weapons of mine; hunting rifle, Brazilian machete, karate trained.
    Shalom and a blessing from your god.


    • re: Knight;

      Thank you for this beautiful message and for your service.

      You are a great man and an even better human being.

      You are not my ‘atheist friend’ but rather, my friend.. who just happens to be an atheist.

      I hope you see the difference.. 😉

      – – –

      Shalom, love and blessings of Our G-d be over you and all of your loved ones always.

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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