8 comments on “25 Muslim Men Charged in the Gang-Rape of an English Schoolgirl

  1. Bailed! They should never leave prison alive, it is well past time that these Islamic cultist realised that their cult beliefs hold no sway in Western law. However, I do believe that the Sharia – which they want to impose – holds the penalty for sex outside of marriage as stoning to death. (Perhaps that is only for the raped woman?)

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  2. IF this is happening In England Imagine what goes on in third world. Shame on islam and its leaders after 1400 yrs on improvements.


  3. How come????????? My religious beliefs have nothing to do with the law! How come …thses muslums can have their religious beliefs ….THAT ARE AGAINST THE LAW OF THE LAND … taken into “consideration” . How come????????? Its their “law” for them and not the legal law of the country that they live in…. MMMMM doesnt add up ……. oh silly me …the muslums are the “victims” arnt they …so the legal law of the land …doesnt apply to them…

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