39 comments on “11-Year-old English Girl Gang-Raped on the Playground by 7 Pakistani Muslim Immigrants Over a 5-Year Period

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  2. What else can anyone expect from those who follow the degenerate words and deeds of a degenerate “prophet.” America can expect the same as Muslim savages increase in number. Islam attracts and is supported by degenerates. The whole of Islam is one colossal enemy to morality, natural law, and the God bestowed rights codified in the Constitution. PI

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    • re: Peter Traine;

      Lol. C’mon… you should know me better than that.

      Especially when I concur with your premise.

      It’s the only viable solution.

      It only takes ‘a little’ cancer to kill ya’…

      So, what do we do when we find cancer?

      Eradicate it with radiation.

      Muslims are a cancer, pure and simple.


      Shalom and love be with you, my brother.

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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    • re: uddayshank;

      You are absolutely correct.

      The use of ‘Asian’ is the English (British) / European way of hiding the ‘Arabic’ (Middle Eastern) / Islamic (Muslim) identities of the men.

      It’s European “PC.” (Political Correctness.)

      It’s truly a tragedy when governments, politicians, etc. go to such lengths to employ such deceptions, in order to protect a bunch of child rapists.

      They protect and defend the MUSLIM CHILD RAPIST perpetrator, at the expense of the innocent little girls.

      What a shame.

      I hope they burn in hell with the muslims they protect.


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  4. I dont understand y ppl bring the prophet into this, if you read are quran it doesnt allow stuff like this soo please educate urself rather than making yourselfs look stupid.. plus you believe in jesus so do we.. we dont deny his absence.. there good and bad people in all religion but try to perfect urself… by learning from each other rather than discriminate other ppl religion…


    • re: adeel;

      Assalam alaikum.

      Thank you for your polite comment.

      We often bring muhammad (saw) into this subject matter when discussed, because we see a connection between his relationship with Ā’ishah bint Abī Bakr and that of many muslim men today.

      As I am sure you know, Muhammad took Aisha from her family at the age of 6 for marriage and consummated the marriage (with sexual relations) at the age of 9.

      Aisha narrated this herself in many hadiths.

      For example;

      Aisha narrated;

      ‘..the prophet Muhammad was betrothed to me at the age of 6 and he consummated the marriage [intercourse] with me at the age of 9..and I remained with him for 9 years after that..’

      This narration by Aisha herself can be located in: Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.7 Book 62 Hadith #64

      * There are actually 4 hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari and 3 in Sahih Muslim, where Aisha Narrated this same message. There are many other hadiths that reference this relationship between Muhammad (saw) and Aisha.

      – – –

      Muhammad (saw) is alleged to be ‘..the perfect example of a man..and a muslim..’ And muslims are instructed to ‘..follow his teachings, his life and strive to live as he lived..’

      Therefore adeel.. when we see a muslim man having ‘inappropriate’ and illegal sexual relations with a little girl today, we attribute this to the example set forth by muhammad (saw).

      Many muslim men today are seeking to emulate muhammad’s (saw) example by having sexual relations with little girls and they think it’s okay because muhammad did it.

      Muhammad should have taught; ‘..having sexual relations with little girls is wrong, it’s immoral and criminal..’

      But, he did not. He taught the opposite.

      Jesus didn’t have sexual relations with little girls. Actually, at the time of His murder, he was celibate.

      And the ‘Isa’ that ‘you’ and other Muslims are taught about in Islam is NOT the same “Jesus” from Torah and Holy Bible.

      I can write you more about this soon, if you would like. But, I must go for now.

      I hope you write back..

      You are always welcome here.


      Peace and love be with you and your family…

      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  5. Hopefully they won’t survive prison, where with luck they will receive some really rough justice. With castration being
    the least of their problems.


  6. Really is there no Country Leader in the Whole world Fight and Put a stop to the ISLAMIC Crimes on NON Muslim population ??



  7. What I find confusing is she was raped at 11, but didn’t lose her virginity until she was 12? I’m taking this to mean she was sodomized at 11 and not vaginally raped. [I watch a lot of Law and Order…]

    I’m not condoning what these men did: far from it. It’s because of ingrates like this that I fear ever letting my Daughter go anywhere on her own, no matter how old she’ll be one day. There are too many Men and Women who see it as their right to take liberties when it comes to Children just because they’re older and therefore must be respected by younger citizens.

    I hope they receive some “rough justice” in Prison and don’t make it out in any state to harm another Child again.


    • re: Concerned Momma;

      I noticed the same thing you did and I took it to mean the same.

      Perhaps I have watched too many episodes of ‘Law & Order’ as well.

      I love the ‘original’ ones with the original actors much more than the later ones.

      This one is for you, sweetheart..


      – j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  8. So disgusting. Everyone needs to be aware of this threat to children. Youngsters need telling what lovely people these scum really are. Tell your kids no one can hurt you if they, the victim, don’t do as asked. They are vile, horrible and you can’t trust any of them. I hope they spend a long agonising stay in prison, raped, beaten, again and again and again. I’d like to chop them to pieces any child molesters deserve a slow painful death


  9. Get these damn people out of England. I love your County I am from Boston but whoever is in power is weak. I see this and I think of how hard the Belts fought against Hitler and these links have no respect for England. Kick them all out. Of they commit crime kick them out. No more people let in to live as political refugees and if England doesn’t do something soon then 30 percent of your population will be Muslim. I would move to England in a minute. Respect the laws and cherish what a great country it is. I really hope England steps up.


  10. Hi there, I want to ask permission from the victim to post this. I will NOT Destroy her any further by publicising this without her consent. I feel that people need to “know what’s out there” Thank you

    M. Metcalfe


    • re: Mimi Metcalfe;

      Hi Mimi. 🙂

      I completely appreciate and respect your desire to seek Sarah’s permission prior to publication of her story.

      That’s very admirable.

      I’m not going to attempt to convince you otherwise, but I did want to make sure that you are aware that Sarah herself was interviewed for this article and permission was granted to ‘Daily Mail’ for it’s release. Additionally, Sarah authored ‘Violated’ where she describes this tragic event in her earlier life.

      The book can be found on Amazon.com under:

      Title: Violated

      Author: Sarah Wilson

      Other than contacting her through her publisher (or) ‘Daily Mail’ (who met with her) ..I do not have any contact info. for her, although, I will try to assist you in getting it.

      I’ll msg you back if I locate it.

      Shalom and love to you…

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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  12. This article was written in such a way to incite racial hatred and judging by the the comments so far it achieved just that! What happened was shocking but how many articles say a group of white men raped a young girl NONE!! Sexual offenders are from the human race and their ethnicity and religion is irrelevant unless you want to publish a bigoted article like this to stir the pot some more!!


    • re: Carling Foster;

      Do ‘you’ really believe that ignorant, false rhetoric you are espousing (or) is it just part of your agenda-driven narrative?

      I hope it’s the latter..because ‘if’ you truly believe that shite, you are a fool.

      Don’t think so?

      Well, ..you can call me ‘the bus driver’ because I’m getting ready to take you to school. 🙂

      1. There is NO mention of ‘color’ ‘race’ (or) ‘ethnicity’ in this article.

      (Only “YOU” interjected ‘race’ ‘color’ and ‘ethnicity.’)

      2. If ‘you’ really think being ‘muslim’ is a ‘race’…you are really naive and uneducated.

      Muslims come in ALL races.

      There are; Anglo-Muslims, African-Muslims, Arab-Muslims, Hispanic-Muslims, Oriental-Muslims, etc. etc. etc.

      3. What ‘race’ is a Christian?

      Get it now?


      Now, this site is for intellectual discussion.. not uneducated rantings by race-baitors..

      So I suggest you check your ignorance at the door (or) F’k off back to the cave…



      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  13. she was culturally enriched by diversity and multiculturalism, just like the overlords are doing to all of europe right now.


  14. Enough is enough.
    Get rid of these evil bastards from our soil.
    They are not part of and will never be part of our culture.


  15. Shoot the B*******!!!!
    I knew a rapist from Rotherham… befriended his daughters school mate….served 8 years. Came out and was put in a hostel overlooking Clifton Park… Crazy!!
    Thank god he’s dead now.


  16. So media-reporting is fine to be racist..(“asian”) when protecting muslims?? So we have ‘select-racism’ now? Our over-tolerance is our downfall. Renember people ..’ your kindness is taken for weakness’.


  17. Hang them all by the short and curlies, stick toothpicks under their toe nails and then shove a stick of dynamite up their asses and watch the blow up. Sick freaks.


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