3 comments on “ISIS Launches First Naval Assault With Rocket Attack on Egyptian Navy Ship

  1. If the egyptinas, muslims contries, the wonderful US with its paper teeth and the Europeans united they could put and end to ISIS in a few days but the game goes on and on with no end. Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 13:28:23 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


  2. You are quite right Martha, I do not understand why the west does not send the lot to paradise (not that they will get there). The fire power is there the troops will go but the permission to go is not forthcoming. Even when a pilot sights a clear ISIS target he/she has to get permission to attack it. this involves a call to his/her base whose commander has to call Washington to get permission to attack from the commander in chief. It can take an hour or more for permission to fire to arrive by which time the plane has run out of fuel.

    This red tape is strangling the forces, the only order should be “Search and Destroy”!


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