12 comments on “50 Girls Taken From England to Somalia to Have Their Genitals Sliced Off (FGM)

  1. But you are forgetting one thing. MR CAMERONS FGM is a different FGM than what is being done to these girls. Its the same as MR CAMERONS ISLAMIC STATE is a different ISLAMIC STATE doing all the killings ?


    • !!! – U.K’s Prime Minister David Cameron is a Politician who is dedicated to the service of HIS Personal Interests and Welfare above ‘everything’ else! He expects to ‘Live’ long, with a ‘great’ Pension, has Sold his Soul to Satan for the commitment of life-long magnanimity to ISLAM and its minion Imps from Hell!”


  2. It’s mostly the female savages who perform the mutilations. Find these slags and charge them with kidnapping, aggravated assault, GBH and torture. Give them the maximum prison term without parole!


  3. Unfortunately it is often the girls’ mother or grandmother who insists on FGM being done. The girls are taken on what appears to be a legitimate family meeting and the cutters are not in UK but overseas. To get the cutters visiting UK has to be an easier task but neither should be beyond the scope of the International police force. This should be a top priority, perhaps if castration of the fathers was a standard punishment and SEEN TO BE CARRIED OUT, then it might cease.


  4. This is absolutely disgusting, evil and satanic! Female “circumcision?” There is NO NEED for this! Islam is an evil and diabolical political horror! It’s not a real religion! Awful!!! And the evil politicians who support this will one day find themselves in hell is they don’t repent!


      • re: Mimi M.;

        Hi Mimi. 🙂

        Excellent Question.

        Actually, the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) predates Islam, although, Islam quickly adopted it from their Pagan/Polytheistic Tradition.

        The women and men in Islam both wanted FGM, but for 2 different reasons. First, we must understand that FGM consists primarily of (2 parts) in the procedure.

        PART I: There is the cutting-off of the clitoris and labia minora. This is the part the Muslim men wanted girls to receive. The Muslim men believe that the Muslim Woman should not derive any pleasure from intercourse. The men believe that if the woman derives no pleasure from intercourse, she is more likely to remain faithful. ie. Not commit adultery while he is away.

        PART II: There is the sewing-up of the vagina itself, all but a very small opening for urination and menses passage. This is the part of the procedure that the women favored. It protected their little girls from being raped by the Muslim men.

        It’s a horrific procedure. Many young girls either die during the procedure from blood loss (or) later die from infection.

        To the best of my knowledge, there is absolutely NO command given to the Muslim by ‘allah’ in al-Qur’an that tells them to do this.

        It was purely ‘adopted’ by Islam.

        Hope this helps..

        C’ya Mimi.


        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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