7 comments on “Muslim Terrorist Attacks in the United States Since 9/11

  1. You are publishing in bad taste……. All holidays in NYC are celebrated in one form or another ….NYC is a large, ethnic population, not just narrow minded white “Christians” like you.

    Fools and fanatics are full of passionate certainty. Sent from Henry’s iPad



    • re: Hank Bliley;

      Ah, but only “ONE” of those ‘religions’ is trying to murder us “ALL” and bring us into submission.

      Would ‘you’ care to take a guess at ‘which one’ that might be, oh enlightened one?

      Please list for me the Terrorist Attacks in the United States, since 9/11, that were committed by Christians? By Jews? By Hindus? By Buddhists? By Sikhs? By Zoroastrians? By Atheists?

      Oh yeah, then, ADD them all up.. and see if they come close to that of Muslims.

      The Ignorant, Willfully Blind and those who suffer from Normalcy Bias are full of sh*t.

      Sent from Hashem.

      – – –


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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