9 comments on “Faces of Islam: Brutal Torture of Afghani Girl [1.0]

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  2. My Prayers Cry Out To All of The World’s People Keep Captive With Deception…

    No doubt do we will live in a ‘orwellian luciferian society globally’-

    ManKind has been duped by deceit, being pitted one against another in depravity. Religion is a luciferian deceit to keep us one from another, all the while spitting and spewing hatred upon one another’s false doctrine beliefs. The battle we fight and the worse one we can ever fight, is the battle within one’s own heart and soul. The battle of this sinister world is between our Heavenly Father and lucifer, as well as lucifer’s brigade of fallen angels/angles…

    I Pray The Light of Truth Shines Upon All Who Are Lost And Lead Astray!!!


  3. And here in America Obama is bringing this religion of Satan to our country.
    He opens wide the doors for Muslims while closing them for Christians.
    And we allow it!


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