9 comments on “Fisabilillah (For the Sake of Allah) نشيد في سبيل الله

  1. If it is too secret to tell, then it is too secret period….

    The author of confusion is full of secrets. Soon and very soon all who follow allah will find they are on the luciferian list…. The many roads he gave all lead unto death….


  2. Note that all pictures on ISIS ‘fighters’ are staged. Their usual form of attack is the put the gun blind over a wall or around a corner and hope to hit something in their cult belief that “Allah guides the bullet”.


  3. You have one life to live, so these fools think killing is above compassion?
    With one life you could save many, bring love into worlds that have forgotten. All non-moslems like all non-Nazis have a choice. What side are you on? Educate and eradicate this hate from our soil.

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    • re: Charles T lawson;

      And if ‘you’ believe that sh*t, you are a dumbass.

      And I bet ‘you’ tell all your friends;

      ‘..I believe in the Constitution..’ ‘..I defend the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech..’

      And ‘you’ are a DAMN LIAR to.

      Now, get the hell off of our site.. ya’ NAZI!



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