54 comments on “Message to the person that just reported our videos…

    • re: Kristi Ann;

      Hi Kristi darling. 🙂

      I think you misread.

      Our videos were taken off our site earlier this evening because ‘one person’ reported 4 of them to our host.

      So, we cross referenced the recorded meta-data on our security software with the site stats of ‘clicks’ on those 4 articles where the videos were removed and determined that “only one” ip matched.

      We know it wasn’t you. We know who it was.

      I assure you, nothing was compromised. Your info. is secure and was never seen by anyone.



      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled.

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  2. YES – unveiled. True to your name, you unveiled the ____ and found him. Anyone stupid enough to report YOUR videos is stupid enough to get caught.

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  3. I hope you are not referring to me, I love your articles and videos. If I had a complaint I would take it up with you.


    • re: Blessed B.;

      Hi “N” darling.. 🙂 How are ya’?

      Yes, the NAZI bastards can’t handle the truth.. so, they attempt to hide it.

      That’s okay.. it’s going to be taken care of.

      Love ya’


      j.s.m. # sharia unveiled

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      • Hello S.M.!

        Doing fine, thank you! 🙂

        I’m sure you will be able to take care of it! LOL! The truth shall prevail! Keep up the good work! As they say….”If you’re receiving flak…you are over the target”!!!

        Luv ya’ too!!



  4. Fntastic and I just sent a vid viz a viz Swedish rape statistics to the PM of Sweden keep bombarding the current bunch of idiots running Sweden. They have too much influence on the rest of Europe. Let’s kick ISALM out of Europe and Scandinavia.


  5. I must say I have been somewhat skeptical of this site myself…
    It seems to appear cloaked in allah’s apparel by the cover shot…

    I was aghast the other day when I saw your post enticing me to watch the following ghastly video to obtain the message within… On a whim and happenstance thought I stupidly started the video…

    WTH??? I instantly saw this as ‘fear factor’ to instill fear among us. I cannot possibly see what message of Hope, Faith, Trust and Belief we should be pulled into that type of mind programming to instill fear upon the masses. Nor can I see why you would make a point ‘blank’ threat to anyone, so as to fill in the words and instill more fear? If your videos was removed then by the laws of man they were removed, not by a complainer as such. Why make ‘point blank’ threats if your heart is as GOLD?

    My mind sits upon the fence with this site; Who Are Your Really??? Take off the veil?

    Fisabilillah (For the Sake of Allah) نشيد في سبيل الله”

    This is a VERY powerful video…

    Many of the images are horrific..although, the written message is even more disturbing.

    This needs to be viewed, read and comprehended by all.

    More often than not, there is a message within a message…


    • re: y-h prevails;

      Blessed Greetings.

      First, I would like to thank you for writing us and being completely honest and straightforward. I admire and respect that.

      Secondly, I will try to address each point you made, as thoroughly as possible. If you have any questions (or) comments as to my reply, please write us back.

      Let me start off by saying, operating this website was not the fulfillment of a lifelong dream or ambition.

      I was ‘called out’ / “chosen” to do it. I know this 100%. When I look back into the past, I see HIS fingerprints in the clay. Meaning, I can see now where my; skill-set, personal study and formal education were all being molded by Hashem to bring me to this day. Operating this site is a blessing, of which “I” am not worthy. But, thank G-d I was not chosen, based upon my worthiness, but rather, my obedience.

      Although, it’s a blessing with many burdens. Do ‘you’ think doing this work is easy? It’s a CONSTANT spiritual warfare. It’s a weight on the mind, body and soul that few can only imagine. I deal with the GREATEST manifestation of PURE EVIL on this earth today…


      8 days a week..or so it seems.. and MANY hours EVERY DAY, dedicated to researching Islam, reading intel. reports about Islam, studying al-Qur’an, Sunnah al-Hadith, formating articles, reading and replying to comments, etc.

      (And this is NOT my occupation.) I have a REAL JOB that pays the bills.

      I purchased my first Qur’an 24 years ago. I knew nothing about Islam. Nothing. I went into it with an open mind, not knowing what I would find. I have also studied Arabic history and culture.

      This site was born of a vision I received on (or around) 15 February 2012. I saw a vision of the site completed and received a message in my spirit that instructed me to do this work. The only thing is.. I knew nothing about building (or) operating a website. So, on a Friday evening, 17 Feb. 2012 (if I remember correctly) I began to study ‘How to Build a Website.’ The next day, I spent the entire day and night building it..and on the 3rd day, Sunday 19 Feb. 2012… I published my first article. It’s wasn’t pretty..but, I was obedient.

      But, this site is NOT about “me.”

      It’s about the persecuted. I try to be a voice for those who suffer. I speak in defense of the persecuted Jews/Judeo-Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Yazidis, Zoroastrians, Secularists, Atheists.

      But there is another group I speak for. The Muslim children that are BORN INTO Islam..because their dad is Muslim. Also, Muslim women that are mistreated. Our ONE G-d created them to. Perhaps they chose (or) were ‘born into’ a false-religion of Satan..but, they are still OUR LORD’S Creation. I will NOT give up on them, unless I am instructed to do so, at some point.

      – – –

      I am VERY sorry that you saw the images in the video. I do sincerely offer my apology to you. That was NOT my intention.

      Here are my personal thoughts on ‘those’ graphic videos. I wish they didn’t exist. Meaning, I wish the VIOLENCE in them didn’t exist. I wish our brothers and sisters were not being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs, but the reality is, they are.

      I REFUSE to look the other way while my brothers and sisters suffer. If ‘you’ think “WATCHING” it is bad.. how do ‘you’ think it “FEELS” to have it done? I owe them my ‘uncomfortableness’ because they suffer the ACTUAL pain. They paid the ultimate price.

      Do you understand that ‘reading’ about a beheading instills a certain degree of respect and appreciation for the suffering, but “seeing” it in a video truly takes it to a higher degree of appreciation of the suffering?

      I can tell that you are VERY intelligent, so, I know you get that. Well, “some people” need that extra visual to gain a true appreciation of just how much our brothers and sisters are suffering around the world today. And “ALL” at the hands of a Muslim. “ALL” because of the doctrines of ISLAM.

      I REFUSE to hide the truth. And NEVER will I.

      I have ALWAYS stated in the past; ‘..ONLY view one of those videos if you feel led to. And ONLY watch it to the point where you must stop it. Then, NEVER watch one again..’

      I do NOT want people to become “conditioned” (or) “desensitized” to that horror. “WE” must all remain sensitive to it, because it is HERE in our nation and it will be in almost EVERY city in the future. You will see I am correct.

      Also, I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I took an Oath to uphold and defend it. at all cost and I keep my word. I live by it and I will die by it.

      The videos are on here to be viewed by those who choose to (of their own right) and to NOT be viewed by those whom choose not to (of their own right.) – Not putting them on my site would be depriving BOTH of ‘their rights.’

      Perhaps we will ‘consider’ CLEARLY labeling the ‘GRAPHIC’ ones. At one time we did..but, in doing so, we pointed out which ones to ‘report’ to those NAZI’S that wish to take OUR RIGHTS away. All they had to do was look for the posts labeled ‘GRAPHIC’ and we made their job easier. But, I will reconsider this…

      It is my hope that you stay here with us..but, I will NOT try to convince you to. That is between ‘you and Our Lord.’ Do as HE instructs you.

      If you want to know the heart of a man.. read his writings.

      Here are a few of mine..


      Perhaps you should read this to:



      – – –

      Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai.


      In HIS love..His Servant & Soldier,

      – Jaedon.

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    • The videos and information posted here at Sharia unveiled are not done to “instill Fear” as you say…..they are to inform those who wish to be informed about islam and the barbaric atrocities that they allow and perpetrate against others.

      WE all have free will given to us…..watch or don’t watch, read or don’t read…..the choice is completely yours! Sharia Unveiled does not believe in jerking your arm behind your back and controlling you. You are in control of yourself! To blame Sharia Unveiled for your weakness to be “enticed” is your problem. It seems if you can be enticed so easily by someone instead of using your own G-d given common sense and free will….. you most likely can be “enticed” to do just about anything. I call those types of people, SHEEPLE! Easily led to the slaughter and not saying a baaaa’d thing about it.

      The videos that were removed were obviously due to a complainer! The powers that be ( man-given laws) don’t wish to offend anyone with the truth! They’d rather appease the whiners than to say ” The site has the right of the 1st Amendment. You can be offended but you don’t have the right to take away the right’s of others”…….

      AS the saying goes…. the truth shall set you free!

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      • BOTH YOU AND Sharia Unveiled Are Acting As Bad Little Children! The comments I made was just that comments in a comment section. I did not have those videos removed and to sit around and bash someone in the comment section while Sharia Unveiled gives you kudos tells me I am not on a site full of TRUTH, but that of bratty children who do not know how best to communicate, PERIOD!

        No need to be concerned about me darkening the doorway here any longer…


      • re: y-h prevails;

        Are you being serious?

        No one said ‘you’ had the videos removed. If you read this post, you would see where I wrote;

        ‘..we already know who the person is..’

        I was hoping to reply to your previous (very nice) msg. to me..but, if you are leaving, I guess I won’t be able to.

        I would have already replied, but I have been really busy this weekend.


        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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    • It sounds as though you are blaming the site owner for the horrific content? What, do you think that if he didn’t post it, it wouldn’t exist?
      Islam is hell-on-earth and its followers are evil to the core.
      More people need to be made aware of this site to understand the threat that Islam poses across the world. Barely a country has been untouched by the monsters that proclaim Islam as a ‘religion of peace’.
      If you feel this site is offensive, go sign up for ‘The Ugly Truth’. There you will find the evil of Islam in all it’s ‘glory’; vile, baseless hatred of Israel and the Jews – first hand. I can read it, but have been barred from posting. Probably because I challenged the blood-libel style of presenting a warped and twisted view of the ‘truth’ about Israel.
      Quit complaining & be thankful that the site owner is opening our eyes to the unacceptability of Islam.

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      • re: Helen Oster;

        Hi Helen. 🙂 Thank you so much for your message of truth.

        Your support is greatly appreciated and if I can ever be of any assistance to you, please just ask.

        Additionally, thank you and G-d bless you for defending Israel and the Jewish people.

        p.s. I have never heard of that site; ‘The Ugly Truth.’

        But, thanks to you, I have now. And I bet “I” will be banned from their site within the next 24 hours.


        Hmm.. let’s go take a look and leave some truth, shall we…


        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • you banned, too? I lost count of the number of sites I’ve been banned from. (not this one YET, as you can see). So many can’t take the truth.
        I think the first time I was banned, it was on Alternet for me saying that muhammad was a nut who was having epileptic seizures when some other nut decided to write down his babblings. On one site, I was banned for being against the FRAUD of “global warming”. Another site banned me from explaining how 90% of the israelis are ashkenazis, and thus NOT Semite but actually anti-Semitic because they’re against the Semite Palestinians and the Semite other 10% of israel.

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      • re: Stevor;

        What you said about ‘..90% of the israelis are ashkenazis, and thus NOT Semite but actually anti-Semitic ..’ is a bunch of bullshit.

        It a LIE. Perhaps ‘you’ believe it’s true, but it’s a LIE!

        Maybe you read that on.. ‘Storm Front’ (or) ‘Neo-Nazi Today’ (or) ‘The KKK Weekly’ ..and believed it.


        And if ‘you’ are not Jewish ..you wouldn’t know.

        And no need to waste your time writing back, trying to convince me.. sending links from David Duke.com, yada, yada, yada…

        I KNOW 100% IT’S A LIE. (And I would know.)


        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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      • Stevor

        Are you Israeli? If so, you should be aware that well over 60% of Israelis are Sephardi NOT Ashkenazi.

        Are you Jewish? If so, you should be aware the semite – in Hebrew, Shemite – means descended from Shem, one f the sons of Noah.

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      • re: stevor;

        You referenced in one of your prior comments that you have been ‘…banned from numerous websites for comments ..’ you made.

        We believe in ‘your right’ to freedom of speech, but we also believe in ‘our right’ to kick your ass to the curb.

        Although, that is NOT our “preferred” method of dispute resolution.

        We are here to be a ‘Voice for the Persecuted’ (Not a soap-box for AntiSemitism.)

        And if there ever was a group of people to be persecuted, it’s the Jewish people.

        So, we will kindly request of you to please just leave this issue alone, okay.

        Thank you.

        Staff @ sharia unveiled


      • re: stevor;

        We are NOT ‘..kicking your ass to the curb..’ at this time..

        (but, we are reserving the right to do so in the future.)

        We prefer that you refrain from posting offensive and insulting materials about the Jewish people.

        You know exactly what I am referring to..

        ‘..the veiled antisemitism..’

        This site is about ISLAM.. (not Judaism.)

        So PLEASE.. just leave it alone.

        Thank you.

        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • @Helen…..

        Thanks for the name of that site! I shall be having me some fun, I thinks! Wonder how long it will take me to get banned from posting this time?

        LOL! I now see being banned from posting the truth as a badge of honor that I wear proudly! There have been many sites which have done so…I quit counting after 10!

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      • Comment Deleted for Violation of Terms of Service.

        User name: y-h prevails

        Reason(‘s): 1. Creating a hostile environment. 2. Harassing other member guests.

        Action taken: User banned

        submitted by:

        Security Team @ sharia unveiled

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      • re: y-h prevails.

        Okay, I have had enough of your crap.

        You can choose a ‘screen name’ with y-h in the title, and think that ‘you’ are holier than thou..

        but, that doesn’t give you a free-pass to be an ignorant ass.

        Since ‘you’ arrived here, you have been tossing around prejudiced remarks and false allegations based upon ‘YOUR OWN’ delusions of grandeur.

        Might I recommend that you consult with a mental health technician ASAP.

        You need it!

        NOTE: As of NOW, you have been banned from this website for ‘Violation of Terms of Service.’

        (Not sure which one, but I’ll think of one here soon.)


        p.s. On the upside, you don’t have to worry about seeing those videos anymore.


        Security Team @ sharia unveiled

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  6. I have”nt been following you for long, but I think the world should know what is going on with “So called Religion”. I personally am an atheist, so I am abhorred by what is going on in the world today. ISIS is a repulsive, hateful, breed of people, mostly men, who should be stopped. And I think that you reporting the facts is a good thing, FOR THE WORLD. Whoever tried to stop you is a fool. Keep up the good work. X

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    • re: Katherine Woodward;

      Hi Katherine. 🙂 I appreciate that so much. You are so sweet.

      And we are so happy to have you here with us.

      I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘atheism’ thing, as you might guess. 😉 Although, I want you to know that we defend atheists from Islamic aggression with the same fervor as we would anyone else.

      We actually assisted the organization “Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)” in Indonesia in securing the release of an atheist that was facing the death penalty for ‘blasphemy.’ Many of us donated towards his defense. Just as we would any person of faith. .

      Here is an article on that subject:


      There are a lot of people of faith working together currently for the atheists that are being persecuted in Bangladesh.

      Honestly Katherine, in order to defeat Islam.. it’s going to take “ALL of us” working together for each other.

      As you know, in the eyes of the Muslim, WE are ALL infidels. We are ALL non-Muslim. You and I both. And I assure you that, you and I would hang side by side, if ‘they’ were given the opportunity.

      Also, we have many readers (who happen to be atheist) and a few are becoming quite good friends of mine.

      Thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement. If I can ever be of assistance to you, please just let me know.

      I will leave you with this thought;

      Even though ‘you’ may not see yourself as a “Child of G-d” … WE DO!

      And, we love you just as we would anyone of faith.

      Sincerely your’s,

      – Jaedon.



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  7. I have been a long time reader, probably from the time you started, and have never found anything you posted offensive. The videos need to be seen by everyone so they can understand what not only Christians are going through, but other religious minorities through the persecution of them by Muslims. Keep up the good work.


    • re: Joyce;

      Hi Joyce. 🙂 Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

      Islam itself is VERY offensive. ‘WE’ certainly do not need to do anything to make it more so.

      It is our hope that people will be offended by ‘the message’ of Islam..

      ..yet, not be offended by ‘the messenger’ for simply telling them the truth.

      We are so happy you have been with us from the beginning and I’m sure you’ll be with us until the end.


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  8. Isn’t BestGore also a blog associated with WordPress? Yesterday through Facebook Messenger I suggested to a friend to check out something on BestGore and no sooner than I hit the send button I got BLOCKED from sending it. If I could have sent it to you I would have. It said something like this: the certificate for the site BestGore is questionable, please delete this message. Seems to me that the unsafe and questionable site is Facebook Messenger itself.


    • re: michelle b. myers;

      Hi Michelle. Hmm.. I am aware of ‘BestGore’ although, I have no idea if they are associated with ‘wp’ or not.

      If they are associated, I believe BG would have to be ‘self-hosting’ through wp. because they do not have the ‘wordpress.com’ in their address, like ‘we’ do.

      Are you mentioning ‘BestGore’ to us as a suggestion of where we could publish our videos and they wouldn’t be taken down?

      We actually considered ‘BestGore’ before..”BUT” ..there is all of that ‘sexual/porno’ advertising in the sidebar.

      More than likely, BestGore wouldn’t take down our videos, even if 1,000 reported them… “BUT” ugh..all that porn.

      I could NEVER send my readers there. NEVER.

      And you are 100% right about “FB” being ‘..unsafe and questionable..’

      I was banned for 30 days (on 2 different occasions) for posting this pic. about ISIS on fb:

      Isn’t that nice? Facebook DEFENDS ISIS.

      Wanna’ know why?

      Zuckerberg is an ISLAMONAZI!

      Curse the Jews (no problem)

      Insult a Muslim (banned)


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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