13 comments on “Jewish Man Rescues Hundreds of Christian Girls From ISIS Sex-Slave Captors

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  2. Canada has been allowing those persecuted in Syria to come to Canada. Mostly orphaned children ( mainly girls) who will be adopted out to Canadian families, all with Assad’s blessings. He asked PM Harper to help and we did. Assad didn’t want these youngsters to fall into the wrong hands and be sold at the sex slave markets.

    I have heard through my contact that 10,000 of these Yazidi women and girls will be brought in now. 8000 of them young girls who will be adopted out also.

    At least Canada has a heart and is willing to do the right thing! So proud to be a Canadian! Long reign PM Harper!

    Mr. Maman….you also make me proud! You are truly a Canadian with values and are willing to step up to the plate and help those women and children. May many Blessings be yours!


    • re: Blessed B;

      Hi darling. 🙂

      It is so wonderful that PM Harper has been leading the way in protecting and defending these beautiful Yazidi children.

      Do you know if there will be an effort to protect and preserve the Yazidi culture and blood lineage once these children are adopted by Canadian parents?

      Either by the Canadian Gov’t and/or the adoptive parents?

      I sure hope so, otherwise, this rich and vibrant culture could become extinct.

      You may know this already, but here are two vital (and mandatory) facts of Yazidism:

      1. One cannot ‘convert’ to Yazidism. One MUST BE born into Yazidism by 2 Yazidi parents to be a ‘Yazidi.’

      2. A Yazidi is only permitted to marry a Yazidi, according to the tenets of Yazidism.

      So, if these Yazidi children are not protected and introduced to each other, this could mark the end of their ancient faith.

      Personally, I would view this as a tragedy. Imagine being a Yazidi child and while your life has been saved, your culture has been lost. I believe this would be a ‘bitter/sweet’ trade-off for the Yazidi.

      Now, imagine being a Yazidi child, brought in by a host nation, adopted by ‘another cultural’ set of parents..and yet, your host nation and adoptive parents both worked together to protect BOTH your life AND your culture (religion.) It is my opinion that the Yazidi child would then grow up to see this ‘additional effort’ put forth as a truer manifestation of love for them.

      Perhaps a ‘Special program’ and directory of the Yazidi children could be constructed in order to ensure they remain in contact. Hopefully, marrying within their cultural community, ensuring the Yazidi lineage continues into the future.

      If ‘you’ and/or anyone you know begin work on something for the Yazidi (and/or) Assyrian Christians, please let me know. I would love to join in.

      Love ya “N.”


      – j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • I still think in the long run, we must KILL off ISIS. They need to infiltrate and kill ISIS, beat them at what they do best.


      • re: Afraid in my own country;

        Hi. 🙂 Oh, I agree with you 100%. We should have done that on Day 1.

        The U.S. Gov’t had no problem murdering at least 130,000 innocent civilians on 06 August 1945 & 09 August 1945…

        ..and yet, they seem to find a conflict of interest in bombing Muslim terrorists that are slaughtering the innocent.

        Why do ‘you’ think that is?

        Let me ask you this…

        Do you know what 2 cities in Japan had the largest population of Christians on 05 August 1945?

        Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        That’s a FACT!

        The U.S. “government” is a satanic government. It always has been and it probably always will be.

        That’s not rhetorical hyperbole..

        That’s truth to power.


        – – –

        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

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    Islam, “a religion of peace? ”

    A Montreal businessman is on a mission to save scores of women and girls from being sold into sexual slavery by Islamic State militants in Iraq, and thousands of people around the world are joining his cause.

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