11 comments on “Muslims in Morocco Attack and Beat a Male Transvestite Tourist Nearly Senseless (Video)

  1. when you go into a society you should be very aware of the reaction of that
    society. I was in Israel with my wife in Jerusalem and I had to tell my wife
    to be very careful of who she was talking to, muslims, who were viewing her
    in a very negative way because she was wearing shorts. So be very careful
    when you go into those societies and be very aware of what could happen to

    Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 06:49:28 +0000
    To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


    • re: bonnieloranger;

      Hi Bonnie. 🙂

      My thoughts exactly.

      My initial reaction to this video was, ‘..what in the hell was he thinking?..’

      A gay guy.. dressed like a woman..going to a 99% MUSLIM country..and then, going into a nightclub..probably hitting on MUSLIM guys.

      Well, in the end, he was the one that got ‘hit on.’

      I’m quite sure he is either an American or a Brit. Just a hunch. And, he is about college age, meaning, he has probably been spoon-fed this ‘..Islam is Peace..and Muslims are peaceful, loving, accepting people, yada yada yada..B/S.

      He probably thinks people like you and I are ‘racists’ therefore, ‘we’ are the enemy.

      Let’s hope at least one of those kicks or punches woke him up to reality.

      Shalom and love be with you Bonnie..

      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


      • re: Anonymous gangsta;

        Oh, how brave of you.. Mr. “ANONYMOUS” gangsta.. (lol)

        You are 100% INCORRECT in your implication that ‘..The whole world will be muslim soon enough…’

        That would mean that 5.5 BILLION people (non-Muslims on earth today) would have to recite the shahada in profession that ‘..there is no god but allah and muhammad is his his messenger..’

        That will NEVER happen..

        You are underestimating the sincerity and dedication of those of faith in the One, True G-d. 🙂

        ISLAM and MUSLIMS are LOSING this battle, as we speak. The Ummah will be destroyed, forever.

        There are so many of “US” educating the world today on muhammad’s paedophilia, muslim child-rapists, islamic stoning, acid burning, muslim racist hatred. etc. etc. etc.

        “WE” were doing this long before ISIS and we will be doing this long after ISIS.

        “WE” are winning the Battle of Hearts, Minds and Souls.

        And “WE” have 300 MILLION WEAPONS in MY COUNTRY! 🙂 YOU do the math… (Equals 1 weapon for EVERY man, woman and child.)

        America does not “have” an Army…

        America “IS” an Army. 😉

        “WE” are LOCKED, COCKED & READY to ROCK!

        Anyone that wants some can come and get some…



        jsm @ sharia unveiled


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    • re: Knight;

      Thank you, my friend.

      In my reply to Bonnie, I stopped short in saying…

      ..in A LOT of these Muslim countries..they take Islam VERY seriously. Of course, “WE” know this.

      I mean, yes.. Muhammad ran around in a white dress as well..but, he’s Muslim and therefore, that’s to be expected.

      Any ‘Anglo’ (White) Westerner is going to stand out in a predominantly Muslim country, regardless. Even when dressed appropriately..”ALL” eyes will already be on the ‘White Guy.’ Then, if one is ‘noticeably gay’ on top of that, oh man. And then, running around in a white dress? LOL. C’mon.

      At the end of the day, it comes down to this:

      1. These Muslim countries are the ‘houses’ of Islam. They are the ‘home’ of the Muslim. And, they make the rules.

      Just as OUR nations are OUR homes..and “WE” can make the rules HERE.

      But their nations are a different story. ALL people must remember..when visiting an Islamic nation, it does NOT matter what ‘we’ think of their laws, their rules, etc. – It only matters what ‘they’ think.

      If they say ‘no gay’ (or) ‘women must dress modest’ ie. (covered) etc. We do NOT have to like it or agree with it. We must only abide by it or be prepared to suffer the consequences. – They are animals and just look for any reason (excuse) to raise hell.

      Actually, I would have to say, only an idiot would EVER consider going to one of their countries, unless on a mission (or) to rescue one of the enslaved non-Muslims. Other than that, stay home. Or, visit Israel, Europe, Russia, etc.

      I have a few friends and colleagues that live in Pakistan. On occasion, they ask me.. ‘..won’t you come to Pakistan to visit us?..’

      Uh yeah, right.. I see that happening. Thankfully, I am usually busy at work and would not have time to go. It’s an ‘accurate excuse.’

      Can you imagine.. “I” go to Pakistan and somehow the word gets out.. ‘..hey, isn’t that the guy that operates that anti-Islam site ‘sharia unveiled?..’

      😦 uh oh..

      Lol. That would be the end of that.


      Shalom to you, my friend.

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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