6 comments on “Florida,US: Orlando Int’l Airport Opening Prayer Room/Mosque for Muslims at Tax-Payer Expense

  1. Hi~ this is a question, rather than the usual comments posted here…I would like to know whether or not anybody else has had the same problem as I do when I try to send any articles from Sharia Unveiled, up to Facebook…I have no problems doing this from any other sites…the problem is that it ‘s positioned so as it gives me no place to click ‘share’ as it’s not visible, I have no way of bringing the article up high enough to click…any help would be appreciated…I love Sharia Unveiled, and want to share with as many as possible.


    • re: Cynthia Klein-Cuomo:

      Erev tov, my dear Cynthia.

      You are the first to mention this although, it most certainly does not mean you are the first to experience this.

      Thank you so much for letting us know..

      I will attempt to access the site from another avenue and see if I can duplicate this anomaly.

      What type of device are you using when this occurs? A mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc?

      If you have more than one device, would you mind trying from another?

      And a HUGE ‘thank you’ for your lovely compliments and your desire to share the truth.

      We will do all we can to make this happen for you..


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled

      🙂 shalom 🙂


  2. Once again, giving muslims preferential treatment. What do they think these people? The more you give the more the muslims demand!


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