13 comments on “Germany: Muslim Refugees Converting to Christianity in Record Numbers

    • If we follow the advice of Walid Shoebat and start to use some real violence, this will become even more likely. Learn Arabic and such, and tell them that although conversion may not save their earthly lives and possessions, God will honor sincere conversions and they will escape eternal damnation.

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  1. Any port in a storm!

    This reminds me of an old song we used to sing in school “The Vicar of Bray” he constantly changed his beliefs to match the current mood of society.


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  3. We have to understand the Islamic mindset. The conversion is (90% of the time) a tool to try and gain asylum and residency. It’s not genuine. We may quote the Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam who openly encouraged all Muslim men to rape Israeli women wherever they found them. A few months later she was manhandled by police in Egypt and immediately pretended to be a persecuted Christian desperate to leave, and of course, got help to emigrate by truly stupid American church groups. The moral of the story is that the West should not engage in these things.


    • re: Admin;

      Infidel Greetings my brother, friend and colleague. I hope you have been doing well…

      As to your contention, I concur to a point.

      When my friends and I would regularly go into the inner cities, we would often be approached by individuals asking..

      ‘..would you happen to have a little money so I could get something to eat?..’

      I would usually give them $5, $10 (or) $20. (Depending on what I had on me at the moment.

      After the gentleman would walk off, my friends would say;

      ‘..You know he is just going to go buy alcohol (or) drugs with that money, right?..’

      My reply was ALWAYS this:

      ‘..when my brother comes to me and tells me he is hungry, I will give him money…because, if I give (or) do NOT give..that is between G-d and I..’

      ‘..Now, what ‘he’ does with the money is between G-d and him..’

      Does that make sense?

      If 10 people came to ‘you’ (individually) and asked for money for food to eat.. what if “ONE” was truly hungry and desired food?

      Can you be sure who the 1 in 10 is? What if there were 2 in 10?

      It is not for “I” to discern destiny, nor to judge the intent of one’s faith, but rather, to follow that which I have been instructed to do.

      – – –

      Keep up the awesome work, my brother.

      In His Love,

      – J. Schuyler M.



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  6. !!! – “Be ‘WARY!’ Be ‘Very’ WARY! – Never lose sight of the ‘fact’ that ISLAM ‘encourages’ THIS sort of Deceit! Only the ‘Almighty’ has the power and capacity to plumb the depth of individual Sincerity!”


  7. !!! – “This ‘occurrence’ is not unexpected! Muslims have been “indoctrinated” from conception, to use and practise ‘Taqiyya’ with ALL members of ‘other’ Religious Denominations! Be assured, ALL Muslims are ‘allowed’ to practise ‘Deception’ and WILL DO SO, because it is so ‘ingrained’ – the effect produced, is consistent with Hypnotic suggestion and they are ‘powerless’ to purge or fail to carry out the sub-conscious ‘suggestion’ commands programmed into their minds, because it is ‘pure’ mind ‘control! This is NOT a ‘New’ phenomenon! A number of different ‘Cultures’ have used this technique, particularly during the course of protracted Wars to undermine and infiltrate the enemy ranks with pronounced success!”

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