24 comments on “Muslim Persecution of British Christians in the UK Begins…

  1. I know how he feels I have had the same treatment and I am British/English in my own country , and the police will do nothing about the muslims .

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    • I live in a small community outside of Pittsburgh, PA and Catholic Charities has made our lives a living hell! They get paid by the Feds to “relocate” or what we call DUMP african m’Slimes in our community. We have a wonderful collie who is now 3 years old. He’s been poisoned twice by m’Slimes throwing antifreeze laced treats over our fence. Our security cameras caught the last one and the police told us to keep the dog in the house. Absolutely nothing was done about the chickensh*t that did it. Cops told us that dogs bark and alert when the gangs of m’Slimes come to steal so don’t let your dog bark and they won’t get poisoned. We fear if we allow our kids to play in the yard they could be hurt too. So our kids look outside at their beautiful yard but can’t play in it. About a month ago my other half had gone shopping and was unloading the van. When returning to the van for the next load there were 3 taking stuff out. Again the cops told us to pull the van into the garage and close the door before unloading it. Always our fault for THEM stealing! Now Catholic Charities is closing down a girl’s high school so they can bring in 300 some cockroaches from the Southern Border. Maybe we can have a Mexican/South American vs African m’Slime war. We only have so many Americans here to steal from.


  2. and what are the dumb brits doing about this situation, they are scared of the muslims as are most Europeans. Send them back to Pakistan. There are thousands of muslims entering Austria and Germany and given asylum. The Europeans are already sorry of having so many muslims in their countries. Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2015 16:44:02 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com

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    • Reply to Martha Esrtrella: – Your Posted comment appears to have no direct relevance to the plight of the Pakistani Christian ‘converts’ – it appears You are ‘including’ these converted Christians in, and with the unconverted Muslims to be persecuted and even ‘killed’ if they are forced to return to Pakistan!


      • A better idea, start learning Urdu so we can separate the goats from the sheep. That said, we should bring down the global system so we can get a fresh start.


    • OK so maybe I have assumed a bit too much . . . but here goes. With a name like Martha, it sounds like she probably lives across the pond in the good ‘ole US of A. I fully accept that it’s a huge assumption based on her name and her use of ‘the Europeans’ tends to imply she isn’t European.

      Well us dumb Brits aren’t 10% as dumb as the electorate of the USA who vote into their highest office a Muslim, who then proceeds to liberate Islamic terrorists from jail, and to help Iran get nuclear capabilities again.


    • if your not afraid then you must be dead, we tried to warn you this was comming and at least you can have guns, we have only what we make do with but we will fight as soon as we are out of the EU, just watch. and with that attitude you won’t win many friends, from a Dumb brit


      • re: Amy Rohde;

        I agree that it is not proper (nor 100% accurately assigned) to blame “all” of the English citizens, German citizens, etc. for the current plague of Islam and the millions of carriers in their nations today. The “leaders” of those governments are “mostly” to blame.

        Yes, a degree of culpability does belong to the citizens that ‘allowed’ their guns to be taken without a fight. They ‘willingly’ allowed themselves to be disarmed and placed in the position they are today… Defenceless.

        Although, the Americans are doing the SAME exact thing today. Look at the MILLIONS and MILLIONS that cry and boo hoo on facebook and other social media outlets about; 1. Obama destroying the Constitution. 2. Obama taking away the guns. 3. Obama taking away their rights. 4. Obama inviting in the Muslims..yada yada yada…

        And exactly “WHAT” are those same Americans doing to stop these injustices?

        Not a damn thing.

        Whine..complain..and post on Facebook. Nothing more.

        I just hope that when they are on their death-bed..and their grand-daughter looks down at them, with her burqa and tear-soaked niqab on and softly asks…

        “..Grandpa, what did “you” do for me? ..What did “you” do to fight-off Islam?..”

        ..I sincerely hope they have an answer better than…

        “..Well honey.. I posted on Facebook..”


        Our Love to you Amy…


        jsm @ sharia unveiled


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  4. Should have converted to Atheism. islam and christianity are the two most despicable religions to be perpetrated on humanity. Both are part of the abrahamic trilogy and believe and support the holy trinity: hatred, intolerance, and bigotry.


    • re: Mike;

      You are a f’n retard. And I bet the more you open your mouth, the more evidence you provide to support my contention.

      I’m not even going to waste my valuable time on your 100% PURE, UNADULTERATED BULLSH*T.

      ‘You’ wanna’ be an intolerant, hate-filled atheist.. then go be one.

      But don’t you dare come on our website and disrespect our readers!!!




      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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  6. A real hard line is required, (see China for details,) it is no good pussyfooting with muslims they need a very hard firm hand. What the police line is is hard to say it appears that they want the country to be Sharia run and make their jobs easier. This is not going to happen under Sharia there will be no need for police as we know it so their jobs will go. All non-muslims will be just slaves in the new Calipha.


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