17 comments on “Germany: Mob of Muslim Immigrants Attack a Young Pregnant Christian Woman Upon Seeing Crucifix

  1. I would ship them back to where they came from the moment they are caught in any European country, but the Europeans are so stupid and dumb, they deserve what they get, what can you expect from muslims my friend. Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 00:07:25 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


    • You’re an idiot for calling Europeans stupid and dumb! It’s the coverment bringing in the refugees. Most European people don’t want them! It’s handled just like Obama does things here in He USA. He doesn’t give a rats ass what the people say and want.


      • The people need to protest and stand up to this insanity!!! I’ve seen plenty of liberal types there fighting for the refugees and even trying to give them things but Ive seen how these so called refugees treat them. This is an attack on every country they can get into. Why have the uae not taken any refugees but the Saudis are willing to build mosques in Europe because it’s the invasion they have been brainwashed into believing from there quaran . There quaran teaches them to lie to advance Islam and so far 80+ % of these so called refugees are not even Syrian . To bad you gave up your guns!!!


  2. As long as the Qu’ran sets the rules for their life there WILL be conflict. They are sworn to defeat all non-muslims until they convert to Islam due to fear of the consequences of not being a muslim. The only muslims you can trust are in paradise not walking here.


  3. Germany’s leaders are at fault for this,,, the place is overrun with Moslems,, they don’t care about you’re hospitality you give them,, they’re after one thing,, the blood of the Kafir… oh and the crash of your economy..


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  5. these people are nothing but animals. and they wish to bring their desert or jungle culture to a civilized area. to turn it into what they left, so that they can turn the new place into the hellhole they just came from.


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  7. Wherever these sand savages go, the same and more of the same! #WakeUpAmerica #NIMBY, but of course, brotherbama has other plans! Provost Marshal Must Bring Charges: Treason against BarackHusseinObama!


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  9. Anti Christ-Islum is moving his people to Europe and the Europeans made a big mistake accepting Muslums into their countries. Its is not God’s will for them to accept people who rejected the True God and believe in Allah!!! Muslums’ Allah has no relation with the true God–God of Abraham. These are Devil’s children-please send them back to where they have come from!!!


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