53 comments on “Germany: Mob of Muslim Immigrants Pull a Young German Woman and Her Child From Their Car and Beat Them Both (Video)

    • Have you noticed that all of a sudden, since Germany decided to take in all these so called “poor migrant moslems” there has been a HUGE surge of violence in that country by mobs of marauding moslems against innocent German citizens?? This is like the 5th case Ive read about already today! looks to me like the moslems in Germany now realize that they have the numbers to test out their “might” and see if they can attempt a takeover yet. We all need to look at what these moslems and letting so many into Germany is doing as far as destroying the country already and its not even been a week since they agreed to take these people in!!!!

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  2. Merkel, a despicable traitor to her country, and these filthy bottom feeding locusts, swarming and destroying everything in their path, ALL need to meet their maker.

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  3. Angela must be so proud! I hope the same, or WORSE, happens to every member of HER family, including her female relatives having genitals mutilated and all her men relatives beheaded. While she is alive to see it and hear their screams. Then I hope she herself is raped to death by her islamist friends. Nice job Angela, you’re really looking out for your countrymen. Your reign of terror will end soon, I hope, many of your friends are coming to visit.


    • I read somewhere that Angela Merkel wants Germany to welcome 800,000 “refugees” before the end of this year and hopes to be able to take in more than 800,000 per year in the near future.

      Either she is a traitor to her own people, or she has lost her mind…or both.

      What she is doing to Germany is a race replacement program; the culture will be replaced, the language will be replaced, the religion will be replaced. the people will be replaced by non-white Muslims. ( Obama is doing the same mostly trough illegals from Mexico but he also opened the door wider for Muslims )

      That’s what it is; a race replacement program and the same is happening in all white nations.

      It has become an institutionalized race replacement program and only the white race is being replaced. No other race is forced to go trough that.

      The main stream media is brainwashing people into believing being replaced by hordes of savages is the greatest thing that ever happened to us, Hollywood encourages white women to have mulatto kids, our whole culture has become anti-white… The white race is being systematically replaced, our leaders are murdering their own race, their own civilization.

      And the left is chanting ; ” faster! faster!”

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      • Maybe you haven’t heard that the original people were of color. You can get white from black ( aboriginals ) but you can’t get black from white.


      • Please. This was done onto the people of color first, lest we forget what the missionaries set out to do with their mass culture and ethnic “cleansing” . Get over yourself and realize this issue is much larger and we the people of all colors need to think outside the damn prison cage mindset of “they did this first so now we retaliate!” Its going to amass to a never ending cycle.

        Break the cycle and offer something better up than your drivel.


    • I agree with you, i wish it was her and her family in this video. She has betrayed her own people put everyone s lives at risk and this is the result. I cant believe nobody has risen up to overturn the german government because thats what is needed in every country that has allowed this continual acceptance of so called refugees. Theyneed to be rounded up deported and if they refuse to leave then be killed. Its the only solution.


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    • Forced? You are lost…. and probably just a dumb kid shut the fuck up and let the grownups handle this…. This is a bullshit psy op… This didn’t happen… This is the terrorism….. I swear on everything if a muslim looks at me sideways im gonna handle it….Im fuckin tired of you puke demons… No more grace… You people are more dysfunctional than animals… Your culture is exagerating manipulating lying cheating stealing killing You worshop a black cube for God’s sake that’s the universal symbol for Lucifer wow……


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  6. Who ever expected a peaceful invasion of Europe because it is done by the members of the “Religion of Peace” will die by the hands of the members of the same religion, which is actually a barbaric ideology and has nothing to do with religion.


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  8. Rule #1, when driving in “bad” neighborhoods, Keep your doors locked and windows up. #2, only stop when you have a way to escape. #3, if the bastards get in your way, run them down like that speeding car did.


    • re: Tar Baby;

      LOL. I concur and subscribe to your ‘3 Rules’ myself.

      PRC.. 🙂 LOL. Now, that’s funny…

      Our sense of humor’s would mesh nicely, Rick.

      You know, sick n twisted…

      But hey, you gotta’ have a sense of humor like ‘us’ nowadays…

      After all, that’s what keeps me from killin’ people.

      Well, so far anyway.. 😉

      Keep in touch, brother.


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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  17. El islam nunca se adaptara a las costumbres de occidente, mucho menos respetara la cultura la religión ni las leyes. Alemania debe despertar del letargo del cual ha sido sometido por los aliados.
    El pueblo alemán debe marchar orgulloso con la cabeza en alto y dejar de tolerar a estos fanáticos islamistas que no respetan al pueblo alemán, el pueblo alemán debe expulsar de su país a toda esa basura malagradecida de su país.


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  21. Ha Ha.. I like it very much. Only dumb Europeans and Germans will only learn the hard way that their ‘too good’ liberal policies are foolishness. More such incidents are welcome.


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  23. I know when such posts and websites are antimuslims , then they will do publish whatsoever lies ,deceives and false or incorrect information of videos that either doesn’t relate to the immigrants or muslsims ,anyway , a war a gainst Islam is an organized propaganda done by the Zionists and their supporters , putting Islam in every topic that is related to the refugees or to any other attacks shows your racism, hatred and evil nearly toward half the world’s population ! .. Islam is bigger than your minor or immature posts ,so please grow up .


    • re: Wafaa;

      Assalam alaikum.

      ALL of our stories are 100% TRUE! I suppose ‘you’ as a Muslima’ possess a conflict of interest.

      In other words, if you admit that any of these stories are true, than you will be compelled to question your own ‘religion.’

      Therefore, for you, it is much easier to deny the truth and keep living a lie.

      I only have one question for you…

      1. Why would “YOU” ever desire to be a part of any religion that allows the rape of little girls, emulating Muhammad, the child-rapist and paedophile?

      [ref: Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.7 Book 62 Hadith #64]

      Aisha narrated;

      ‘..the prophet Muhammad was betrothed to me at the age of 6 and he consummated the marriage [intercourse] with me at the age of 9..and I remained with him for 9 years after that..’

      There are actually 4 hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari and 3 in Sahih Muslim, where Aisha Narrated this same message. There are many other hadiths that reference this relationship between Muhammad (saw) and Aisha.

      The TRUTH is this…

      Muhammad was a paedophiliac false-prophet of allah (the great shaitan.)

      And “YOU” choose to follow in his way.

      Many people would say that “YOU” are partially culpable for every girl that is raped TODAY, in Islam’s name.

      And at best, “YOU” are complicit in the crimes.

      You are a ‘..spoke in the wheel..’ of evil.

      Are you not ashamed to be a Muslim? I certainly would be. If “I” were a Muslim, I wouldn’t tell anyone.

      Intellectuals and the educated see Muslims as ignorant, mentally ill sub-primates.

      Even the primates rise above ‘gang-raping’ a baby monkey.

      Just something for ‘you’ to think about…


      – j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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  25. you try and help them out but all they really want is to take over the world.. I think they all need to be sent home and fight with themselves for space.. they might think twice about having 8 kids..


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