3 comments on “German Pseudo-Christians Remove Cross and Alter Before Giving Historic Church to Muslim Immigrants

    • re: Martha Estrella;

      Hi Martha. 🙂 While I do understand your sentiment, the German “PEOPLE” ie. (the Citizens) are much like us. Yes, there is a large segment of the populace that are brainwashed sheep, whom walk in lock-step behind ‘Fuehrer Merkel.’ Many in this group are aiding and abetting Islam and facilitating it’s spread.- This segment is almost identical to those who voted for and still support Obama, H. Clinton, etc. in the U.S. If they cannot be ‘educated’ they must be ‘eliminated.’

      Then, there are the Germans that are just like you and I. Well educated and informed to the truth. They are fighting an uphill battle very hard, in the face of adversity, but are in the minority. (Like us.)

      And last, there is the group that are ignorant of the truth and don’t really care to know it. They live in a bubble and are more focused on tv, football, etc.

      We have ALL of these same groups in the U.S. (and ALL other Western Countries.)

      I work VERY CLOSELY with my German colleagues and trust me.. they know the truth and are fighting for their survival.

      But Martha, are ‘WE’ truly “fighting?”

      If so, how so?

      Commenting on websites, posting on Facebook, etc.

      Is this truly ‘Fighting?’

      ‘WE’ are just as guilty ourselves. ‘WE’ are just as complacent ourselves.

      Only ONE side is truly ‘Fighting’ in this War of Attrition against Western Civilization…

      ..and it is NOT ‘Our’ side.

      Let’s change that.. shall we?

      WE MUST TAKE the WAR from the pages of Facebook to the Streets of Our Nations.

      ie. Lay down the pen and pick-up the sword.


      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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