8 comments on ““The Reality of the American Raid” (Video)

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  2. Isis are nothing to do with Islam, those say Isis or Saudi or Qatar are Muslim is a Cretin , moron and zio-puppet
    IRAN is Islamic State, Not Isis aka daesh aka isil

    keep calm and fuck the ZWO


    • re: silbershark110;

      Oh yes, Nothing to do with Islam (or) Muslims..

      You are so enlightened..

      Ah, of course…everything is the fault of the Jews.

      Now.. f**k off.. ya’ NAZI FAG!




      • re: silbershark110;

        Why are you so prejudice and consumed with hate for people you do not know?

        You have NEVER met me. ‘WE’ have NEVER spoken prior, not once…

        Yet, you call me names.. you speak hatred and condemnation…

        I can only surmise that ‘you’ are living a miserable life. Almost as miserable as that of those who are forced to live around ‘you.’

        Do you truly feel enlightened and good about yourself? That you can attack people that you do not even know?

        When bystanders witness this.. what would you guess that they think about ‘you.’

        Just a thought…

        Are you Muslim (or) atheist?

        I know that ‘you’ are one of the two. (Or both.) 😉


        – jsm @ sharia unveiled


      • 😥 !!! – “Response to “The Reality of the American Raid Video”- silbershark110: “Consumed with ‘Hate’ for people I do ‘Not’ know? – I ‘know’ that You appear to be “One” of those ‘people’ who disgust and appal me! You failed to identify with specificity, ‘what’ most troubles Youabout my Post, – but I can conjecture and speculate that YOU are a ‘member’ of, or fully ‘endorse’ barbaric actions of ISIS’ and their ilk! – My advice to You: Do a ‘hand-stand, – drop through your Anus up to, and right under your chin, and ‘slowly’ strangle!”

        Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2015 18:46:10 +0000
        To: robertgillis@sympatico.ca


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