35 comments on “Norway: 3 Muslim Immigrants Brutally Gang-Rape a 14-Year-old Girl and Receive Minimal Sentences

    • !!!? – “Reply to Martha Estrella: – Your ‘name’ indicates You are a Female Person, – “Why” would You be edified “IF” ALL Girls and Women in Countries which now are ‘flooded’ with “Refugees” including these poor ‘Sex-starved’ mongrel Barbarians, which are now perpetrating these horrific Sex-Crimes on the ‘Children’ of their Host Countries’? – The ‘Children Victims do not Legislate the Laws of the Nation in which they are born!”


    • martha, you are vile and evil just like the paedophile prophet mohammed the mass murders, abuser and child molester.. stay out of the EU… we dont want your evil kind here… you are scum of the earth 🙂 rot in hell along with your scum for children.. god forbid you breed :):)


  1. When that crap starts happening in the U.S. those scumbags will be made pigs food! The Scans. are too SCARED to do anything & this will continue in those countries & also, Europe!!!

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  2. No One other than Swedish Rulers Deserve Blame. It is the outcome of their Promoting of Jihadis with the Mask of Refugee in the Country.
    Rather it is self Inflicted Injury. No one can Rule out the possibility of occurrences of such incidences and worse than this from these Jihadis.


  3. the germans cost the lives of more than 50 million Europeans in 1934-1945. Six of them were jews. Today Europeans are allowing the muslims to violate their women with impunity. What a shame being a European particularly from northen Europe. Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2015 02:53:25 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


  4. !!! – Martha Estrella, – “You just ‘may’ have a point , in intimating that Europeans just ‘may’ prefer having their ‘Virgin’ Females deflowered by “Brutish” Islamic Mongrel Barbarians! After logging on, to Websites located in the European Countries, – e.g, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, even Finland, – I detect a ‘strong’ level of indifference by Governments’ – National and Civic, evinced by the ‘Male’ – (perhaps ‘Neutered?) – Male sector of civic populations, with regard to the voluminous numbers of ‘Brutal, Criminal Rapes now occurring as a result of the magnanimity shown to Immigrant Ethnic Criminal Rapists! Could this be evidence of a decline in the masculinity of European ‘male’ nationals? – Perhaps a ‘covert’ aspiration is present, to ‘change’ the National demographic through adopting a ‘clandestine’ tolerance and ‘encouraged’ disposition for rough “Copulation” and pregnancies resulting therefrom? At this juncture, it is just a ‘theory’ but it ‘begs’ more investigation and scrutiny, – that is, “IF” anyone really cares?”

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  7. Let’s solve the whole damned problem! Don’t go out unarmed especially our women, girls and boys. If you have ever been brutally raped you know what pain is and what fear of loss of your life and physical endangerment is. In other words, you know what it is to be totally helpless against a greater force.This is something no one should have to endure not human or animal! If you are attacked kill the son of a bitch if you can! Get some training. Even elderly and handicapped women are not safe, neither are children. Girls or boys. Not even your husbands or pets are safe from rape now. Don’t ever let an attacker walk away uninjured or at all, if possible. We must legalize open carry for our women especially, so they can defend themselves and their children,as well as the pets and make sure they have the training to hit the target, know how to identify the target and are not afraid to pull the trigger. Always fire center mass. Meaning the middle of the torso. If they are running away don’t waste your ammo unless you know how to lead your target. Otherwise, you have a one in four chance of hitting the bastard. This knowledge is complimentary of The United States Army and my drill sargeants. Thanks to all. As a footnote, I would like to add that if you do come away from a rape uninjured IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WERE NOT RAPED, it simply means you did whatever you had to do to come out alive and IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

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    • !!! – ‘When will the non-Muslim people of the World ever ‘Learn’ that the deplorable actions of un-Schooled” Islamic Muslims’ will ‘NEVER’ become acceptable as an integral part of Civilization? These ‘Barbarians’ will NEVER be brought to Justice within ‘ANY’ advanced Cultural Nation, – simply because of “Political” correctness, as interpreted by Populist Vote-seeking liberals – ‘everywhere! Virtually ‘everyone’ has knowledge of ‘Ethnic’ cleansing, which is ‘tolerated’ depending upon ‘who’ is doing the ‘Cleansing’ and as well, – the ‘ethnicity’ of those being ‘cleansed’! A ‘timely’ advocated “Cleansing” will ultimately become ‘necessary’ and unavoidable, – of “Politicians” AND the governance bodies of which these are an integral part, as a “Universal” purge of ‘unbridled’ corruption, – the sooner, the better!”

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      • re: robertgillis2015;

        Infidel Greetings, Robert.

        Rarely have I read truer words, nor more wonderfully articulated.

        I certainly hope they manifest into fruition and soon…

        I will certainly join with anyone and all who desire to engage in a concerted effort to exterminate the reprobate.


        jsm @ sharia unveiled

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    • !!! – Response to Dave Coyle: ??! – “And those whom are NOT Socialists’ use ‘that’ as an excuse to “allow” the so-called “Authorities” to aid and abet the perpetrators of these reprehensible Crimes? My ‘take’ on this deplorable situation is this: “OPEN SEASON” on All National Law Enforcement Officials, including Political ‘Lackeys’ Legislators, Judges AND Law enforcement (Police) BECAUSE ‘they’ are complicit, and have aligned their jurisdictional “Authority” to allow ‘Victimization’ of the Nation’s own Citizens! Citizens: “You have no ‘other’ Option!” – Your own “Government” has elected to become “ROGUE”! – ALL have abandoned Civic responsibility! Citizens of ALL Nations under ‘Siege’ by Foreign Refugees’ – When ‘Your’ own Government fails to uphold the Law and Protect it Own Citizens, – “REVOLUTION” Against Tyranny than becomes the “DUTY OF EVERY CITIZEN!”


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  11. When are these liberal politicians going to realise that this is a SILENT iNVASION on Europe just as nasty as world war 1 and 2 we need to wake up and smell the coffee before Europe becomes an Islamic state with no rights at all for women and children being raped in the name of Islam

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  13. Norway and Sweden may as well be an Islamic States, the Muslims control the countries and do as they please, they are failing their young and it’s people.
    As a father, it would be my duty to kill all those perverts and set them on fire on video to get justice for my daughter.


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  15. Europe has stopped going to church and so its no wonder they no longer have any wisdom left to lead their countries.They are busy trying to look good and please the muslims instead of pleasing God,they have gone as far as removing crosses in churches the so called refugees are using just so they cannot not offend their visitors.Europe has fallen because it has forgotten how to pray and so their daughters shall be raped and they shall work to feed their muslims because they lack wisdom.Look,even the arab rich muslim countries think better and smarter that the northern europeans.They dont want lazy people on their land.so let them look good till when they suddenly wake up to find the well cared for muslims have populated and dominated them.WAKE UP!


  16. Simply not happening in Canada? Our Muslim refugees are mostly Syrian, none of African origins? Most our Muslim refugees seem to be white stock, and wanting very much to work and fit in. So far, So good. We have always had a very quiet yet no secretive Muslim population that peacefully coexist? please correct me if I am wrong?


  17. Bloody disgusting. We shouldn’t be in the EU because this is what happens when you have foreigners come into our country. This is England and not somewhere where Muslims ect can come into our country and abuse children and teenagers. Make me so angry. Vote out for the EU and make our country a happier place it can be. Better than this!!!!!


    • re: Hayley kinsey;


      June 23rd Brexit vote.. “OUT” of the EU!

      June 23rd will be Britain’s “new” Independence Day!


      Ahavah and Shalom to you Hayley!

      jaedon @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Darrin;

      That sux. And yes.. liberals are brain dead. One day..they will learn the truth.

      Maybe it will be when “their own” daughter is raped by a Muslim immigrant.. (or) perhaps it will be when Islamic Sharia Law has completely taken control..and “their own” little girl is forced to wear burqa and nijab..and is beaten in the public square. Unfortunately, for the child..it will be too late by then…

      My only hope is that these liberal parents are young enough today, to ensure they live long enough to see this happen to their daughter..so that, they know “they” are responsible and culpable for their daughter’s tears behind the veil and welts beneath her burqa. I want the parents to know.. “they” could have fought Islam TODAY…but rather, they chose to fight US!

      Well, that’s okay.. “WE” will fight for the daughters of the liberals, as well as the daughters of the conservatives..

      ALL children deserve and depend on ‘someone’ to be intelligent enough to see the truth, defend their freedoms and protect their future..and this “WE” together will do..


      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  18. What the hell is going on in this world I do not get it these terrorists and immigrants from the countries are committing large violent crimes and getting away with it if I went to another country and committed a crime I would be nailed against the wall


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