7 comments on “Germany’s ‘Pseudo-Christian’ Protestant State Church Issues Statement ‘..Forbidding Christians From Evangelizing to Muslims..’

  1. Shame Shame Shame!!! That evangelical church needs a good kick up the pants… and the pastors need to repent and realize that Jesus also said those that don’t forsake the world and (Satan & false religions) are NOT fit to follow Me; and He also stated that if anyone should cause people or children to go astray then it would be better if he be cast into the Lake of Fire…


  2. As Christians we are told to share the good news that Jesus,Gods Son has died and paid the price for all sin and that anyone who believes in him will be saved.That is the great commission and for any church to instruct her members not to do this then it has become APOSTATE and not fit for purpose.Any Christian must come out of this apostasy and find a bible believing fellowship to join and to continue the great commission that our Father has commanded us to do.There is too many churches falling away from Gods word and adopting a feel good message that tickles the ears and nothing else.Christian,don’t be part of this falling away be bold and continue to stand up for Yeshua.


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